Game Of Thrones

Any Game Of Thrones fans out there? I’ve watched the last two seasons because I heard there was a lot of nudity. Wrong! We did get to see Emilia Clarke’s tits last season as she walked out of the burning building and we got to see part of one of Lena Headey’s tits (no nipple) when she was getting out of bed with her brother Jaime this season. She’s bustier than I thought.

I didn’t recognize Emilia Clarke with her blonde wig. She played Sarah Conner in Terminator: Genesis. Lena Headey played Sarah Conner in The Sarah Conner Chronicles. So we have two Sarah Connor’s facing off against each other in GoT. It’s nice hearing both of them speak in their regular Brit accents.

The final insult this season was in the last episode when Jon Snow finally jumped into the rack with Emilia Clarke. Did we see any boobage? Nope. All we saw was Jon Snow’s bare ass. As my nephew would say, “How gay!”

And what about when the Night King killed one of Emilia’s dragons? Did she waste his ass? Nope. She let the mofo get away with killing one of her children. Kill the Ice King and the war is won.

I’m tempted to do a 24 type recap next season but I’m done with GoT. I’m not that big on epic fantasy, especially when there is no nudity. I didn’t watch any of the Lord of the Rings films. I tried reading the LoTR books when I was in the Navy. Made it halfway through the first book and thought it sucked and threw it away.

So no GoT recaps next season. Bring on West World! Now that I liked.