Two Things From Ron

I don’t feel like writing anything so here’s Ron.

Ron on.

Two things:

Kim Junk Un-hinged genuinely believes, I’m sure, that the US is a disorganized mob of depraved and decadent mixed-race dilettantes whom his elite, racially pure, brainwashed troops could wipe out on the battlefield without breaking a sweat. The extortionist Mongol thinks we’re capitalist mongrels.

As I mentioned a few days ago, Korea, especially the North, is extremely tribal and clannish, considering anyone not 100% Korean to be lower on the evolutionary ladder than they are. They fear the Chinese only because there are so damned many OF them, and they grudgingly respect the Japanese because they see Japan as an orderly and racially pure society patterned similarly to their own, even if something less than fully human.

Part of Kim’s bombast comes from his belief that we are so indecisive, cash-strapped, quarrelsome, and legislatively gridlocked that he could pre-emptively disable our systems while his conventional forces take out the South after a massive blitz on Seoul. IOW, he monitors our newscasts and believes that a few well-placed strategic hits would disable our command and control along with our ability to make timely crucial decisions while we’re arguing amongst ourselves.

Seems to me that if we could suppress the squabbling and present a unified society of 320 million disgusted and angry but far from cowering Americans like what happened after Pearl Harbor or the Twin Towers, the little overstuffed wad of enriched carbohydrates might rethink his blustery bombast, and it might cause some concern in Persia as well.

We’ve screwed around with this twerp long enough. He’s a MUCH bigger threat to the entire world than Sodom Insane ever was and needs to go . . . NOW . . . before he does something that either causes several million deaths in days or convinces Japan to upgrade its self-defense apparatus to include nukes and we’ll all be singing “We’ll Meet Again.”

Secondly, this DACA thing is very simple. First of all, what Obama did for the “dreamers” was not Constitutionally legal, and DJT is doing exactly the right thing by rescinding it with the stipulation that it’s the legislature’s job to fix it, not the executive’s.

I’ve heard Durban and Graham and several others harrumphing and handwringing about 860,000 “children” who will be evicted unless something is done. They also said that those hundreds of thousands of good, well-behaved, productive squatters are teachers and engineers and scientists who contribute greatly to our society. Well, how the hell can they be children if they’re engineers and teachers and doctors and all that?

Most of them are adults, and besides, they’ve had years now to apply for citizenship. So, here’s how I see it. Go ahead and oust ‘em. Make examples of ‘em. Sweep it clean with the new DJT broom. Why? O.K. I’ll tell ya –

Let ‘em go back and make MEXICO great. Let them apply the wonderful skills they allegedly have to make Mayheeko a powerful paradise which no one will want to abandon.

What that will do is dry up the flood of illegal immigrants, eliminating the need for “the wall” and reducing the numbers needed for border patrol, prison personnel, sheriffs’ deputies, ICE agents, judges, clerks, and so on. And those people whose jobs are downsized can laterally transfer into the jobs vacated by the evicted “dreamers.”

Problem solved.

Ron off.