What Happened

I’ll tell you what happened Thunder Rodent Thighs. Karma finally caught up to one of the Clintons. Now if only the DOJ would investigate the Clinton Crime Family Foundation and throw the book at all three of the Clintons.


Irma passed through Atlanta on Monday. By the time it hit it was just a bad storm with rain and a lot of wind. It actually started blowing on Sunday, but the rain didn’t hit until Monday morning. And I don’t think we got the six inches that was forecast.

It rained and was windy all day Monday and then, at 4:00 PM, my power went out. No power, no internet and no posting. Since it was windy all night I knew it would be a while until I got my power back. Much to my surprise, my power came back on at 9:15. Looks like I won’t have to throw any food out from my refrigerator.

What was weird was how quiet it was last night outside of the wind and the rain. My house backs up against a fairly busy road. There is a berm to provide some privacy and help against the noise but it doesn’t do much good against the noise. There was hardly any traffic at all last night so no noise from the road. Looks like people listened to the authorities and stayed off the roads.