Ron On Antifa

Getting caught up on mail and such so I’m turning it over to Ron.

Ron on.

I have a problem with this AntiFa bunch, primarily because they wear masks and embrace thuggery and intimidation as legitimate tactics to achieve their goals. Hard to trust guys who hide their faces while they’re doin their thing. REALLY hard to trust ‘em when they’re comin at ya with baseball bats and screamin.

Allegedly their main goal is to subdue or eradicate neo-Nazis, but they seem to be simply violent leftistas. They claim to be anti-racist, anti-white-supremacist, and anti-homophobe, but they act more like soldiers in a Mafia-like structure designed to promote socialist programs and oppose capitalism.

I could be wrong about all that, I suppose, but frankly I doubt that most who call themselves AntiFa can even define what Nazism is, and I don’t get the purpose of tossing objects, including bottles of human waste, at police.

The biggest noisemaker in this issue is the Southern Poverty Law Center, which considers any group which dares to have ideas different from its own a hate group, claims there are roughly 900 white supremacist groups in the US today. Many of them are aligning themselves with the White Lives Matter group, making membership counts very iffy.

Members of those groups tend to wander back and forth from one to another, and many groups have only around 20 members or so. The entire movement wouldn’t even show up on an X-Y graph of the US population. Personally I estimate the total number of active Nazis, Skinheads, Neo-Nazis, WLMs, and all the rest at maybe 10,000 or so, or no more than 1 out of every 25,000 people in the US.

The AntiFa goons seem to me to be the kind of brainwashed zealots who would arrest little kids for building only white snowmen or demand that Washington, D.C., be torn down because George was white and owned slaves.

Also, I can’t understand why many police organizations believe that promoting confrontations between right-wing demonstrators and masked or hooded thugs dressed in black and carrying weapons is an effective method of maintaining civic order and discipline.

White supremacists and KKK morons are as dangerous in my opinion as black supremacists and BLM. Freedom of expression is fine, but violence and destruction of property are not. Rioters, regardless of color or politics, need to be gassed, tazed, caned, and jailed . . . in that order. Then we need to get serious.

Why the hell are we allowing our national behavior to be determined and controlled by people who wear masks, tear things up, attack police, and have no alternate plan except to impeach a sitting PotUS and install a transgender black female welfare-mother socialist on food stamps in his place?

As far as I can tell, the total numbers of idiots involved in starting the riots and blocking the streets and disrupting the peace represent MAYBE .2 or .3% of the US adult population, both sides considered. Everybody else thinks they’re nuts. Many of them get involved just for the thrill of making noise and breaking things.

Sometimes it looks as if the people protesting Trump or white supremacy or capitalism consider healthy masculinity something like Elton John in a tutu, a good example of government is Venezuela, and a desirable PotUS cabinet to be The Village People.

I’m reasonably confident that every city in which these “First Amendment demonstrations” take place has laws and ordinances governing behavior, especially where weapons, explosives, fire, and human waste are concerned.

Looks to me like a helluva lotta people who oughta be in jail ain’t. Maybe we oughta lock up the mayors and chiefs of police for a while and let ‘em think things over. Pillories and stocks might be useful, too, not to mention tar and feathers.

Ron off.

Well said, as usual.