Rioting In St. Louis

They’re protesting rioting in St. Louis. They’re called “peaceful protests” but when people start throwing bricks at cops and breaking windows, that sounds like rioting to me. And what is all of this about? A cop was acquitted of murdering a low-life drug dealer, Anthony Lamar Smith, soon to be the latest dindu nuffin saint, after a high speed chase. They should be pinning a medal on the cop because this dooshbag will no longer be able to sell drugs to black kids. But that’s not the way the Negro mind works. The fatherless black boys (3 out of 4 births in the black community are to single mothers) grow up idolizing pimps, rappers, drug dealers and retarded athletes rather than people like neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, or economists Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell. Hell, in Baltimore, they just named a recreation center after Freddy Gray a drug dealer who died in police custody. And they wonder why they are second class citizens. Priorities. Bad priorities.

Of course, we had these idiots blocking streets. One of the streets they blocked was Kingshighway right in front of the Barnes Hospital complex. Yeah, that will bring people to your side, limit access to hospitals.

They tried to block I-64, but the cops blocked the entrance ramps. I’m all for a law that sez it is quite OK to run down any protester trying to block an interstate highway. That would stop that shit.

For a change they decided not to riot in black neighborhoods but to try to get white people on their side by taking their protests to two upscale shopping malls in West St. Louis County. “No justice, no profits”, they chanted. Silly Negros. Don’t you realize that taxes on those profits are what pays for your welfare, EBT cards, and Section 8 housing? Another reason you are second class citizens. You’re stupid.

They also went after a popular restaurant district and broke windows there. I bet as soon as those diners get home, they broke out their checkbooks and wrote checks to Black Lives Matter.

And they caused the cancellation of a U2 concert bringing U2 fans to their side.

Let’s look at some of the other thugs who have caused protests and riots. Trayvon Martin, a thug who was killed in self defense. Now his mother is a hero called a Mother of the Movement by the Dimocrats. This is a mother who couldn’t handle her little thug so he was sent to live with his father. Now she is some kind of a model mother to Negros and Dimocrats. And St. Trayvon? He was posthumously awarded a degree in aeronautical engineering. That’s great, give a degree to a kid who prolly couldn’t spell aeronautical or engineering. And you wonder why you are second class citizens? You’re stupid.

We also have “gentle giant” Michael Brown, another thug who was killed in self-defense. This caused the Ferguson riots. His mother is a Mother of the Movement. She had nothing to do with him. He was being raised by his grandmother because neither she nor his father wanted anything to do with him. Now that he’s dead, they’re milking his death for all it is worth. Wonderful people.

The St. Louis protests riots are in their fourth day. At least no businesses have been burned down yet but paint has been thrown at the Dimocrat mayor’s house.

Meanwhile, nothing is said about black on black crime. Blacks kill far more blacks than cops do. What about the children killed by dindu nuffins in drive by shootings? That’s OK because blacks do it. The only killings that BLM worries about are cops killing lowlife thugs and drug dealers. Those are the only black lives that matter. Innocent blacks killed by black thugs? Meh. Not so much. This is why Negros are second class citizens. They’re stupid.