Ron On Compromise

Ron on.

Compromise. What you do when you want to please everyone, and a habit that makes you willing to compromise on everything and eventually become a doormat.

Certain fundamentals cannot be compromised – national security, child welfare, education, military strength. But sometimes when an impasse has developed on other important issues, compromise is the only path to getting things done.

In given situations, we can argue forever about what is better or what is worse, what is best or what is worst; what we can NOT argue or compromise about is good or evil.

For example, the whole question of freedom versus security is the playground for compromise. If everyone is allowed to do what he pleases, including evil, there is no security; but if there is perfect security, there is no freedom for anyone to do anything whimsical. So, a mutually acceptable hybrid of the two will always be up for debate and very likely wind up pleasing no one.

The essence of politics is compromise. The very nature of a two-party adversarial system such as what we’ve developed in the US is that when the left and the right cannot agree, both have to give a little in furtherance of the common goal, which should always be what’s best for the country.

If two boys find a $10 bill and can’t agree upon which saw it first, the logical solution to the problem is sharing. Half a tenner is better than nothing, especially when selfishness might ruin a friendship; and both wind up richer than they started out.

Marriage is an endless series of compromises, just as walking is a series of interrupted forward falls. Brothers and sisters living in a house with only one bathroom learn the importance of compromise at an early age.

The whole trick to successful compromise is knowing WHEN to sacrifice HOW MUCH that you don’t want to lose to WHOM for WHAT in return.

In a general sense, I don’t like compromise. I’ll listen, and even concede points at times. But too often meeting the other side halfway involves diluting or abandoning principles of ethics, or honor, or patriotism, or integrity, or earned entitlements, or personal wealth, or privacy, or safety.

Still . . . sometimes there’s just no alternative, as with marriage, or politics. For decades Congress has been deadlocked, unable to rein in spending, unable to solve the immigration problem, unable to deal conclusively with outside forces which want to destroy us.

So last fall 65 million Americans said it was time to bring in a new broom to sweep out the deadwood, a new pump to drain the swamp, a greed-free non politician to deal with entrenched special interests to make America Great Again.

They produced a GOP majority in the House, in the Senate, and in the Oval Office, just what party leaders said they needed. But instead of working to make things great again, all the Republicans in Congress could do was make America wait again after 8 years of feckless, anti-American, profligate, and racist “leadership.”

DJT has rescinded or reversed several of his predecessor’s unconstitutional and socialistic EOs which served little purpose other than stifling American business and economic growth. He tried to settle the issue of health care, but was thwarted by foot-dragging entrenched millionaire legislators who for 7 years had clamored for the repeal of Soetoro’s ACA but choked when the entrée landed on their plate.

So Trump, who was for years a Democrat and often contributed to Democrat candidates, decided he was getting nowhere with the GOP and decided to shake and rattle the stuck-in-a-rut status quo, even it if meant compromising his touted wall.

He told Senate Republicans to shape up or ship out on the DACA conundrum built by the halfrican. What I hope he’s trying to and actually can swing a whole gaggle of Democrats over to his agenda for tax reform and get it thru so that small business can crawl back up out of the cellar and begin creating jobs, wealth, and prosperity again. My guess is that most Dems will resist simply out of knee-jerk spite, but he has no confidence that GOPers will do it either, so what choice does he have.

How refreshing it would be if those 535 temporary employees that ordinary citizens send to D.C. to represent their interests could actually work together to FIX the tax code, FIX the health-care problem, FIX the immigration situation, FIX the aging air and surface fleets, FIX the infrastructure, FIX things, dammit, instead of speechifying.

And I STILL say that McCain, McConnell, Ryan, Pelosi, and all the other dinosaurs with their feet nailed to the floor of the legislature need to go by the deep six so that we can get some fresh blood in those chambers who are interested in progress, not progressivism; responsibility, not republicanism; and success, not socialism.

Ron off.

His last paragraph really gets at the heart of the problem. McRINO, Bitch McConnell, Ryan, ex-Speaker Blinky, Schmuck Schumer, and too many people of both parties are the problem. The Founders did the best they could but I don’t think they foresaw career politicians. They envisioned citizen legislators who would serve a few terms in Congress and then return to their farms or their businesses. Term limits should have been enshrined in the Constitution. We have evolved a ruling class of career politicians who are not indebted to the people who elected them but to the people who financed their campaigns or bribed them in other ways.

But term limits are unnecessary because politicians can be voted out of office.

Are you frickin’ kidding me? How often does that happen? Most people are too busy to pay much attention to politics and since we have a corrupt Fake News Media the populace is misinformed. Look at how the Fake News Media went all in on Thunder Rodent Thighs, possibly the most corrupt person to ever run for president. With a fair and impartial news media, Crooked Cankles wouldn’t even had gotten the nomination. Her corruption, which the Fake News Media covered up, should have landed her in jail. Why isn’t there a special prosecutor investigating the Clinton Crime Family Foundation and the pay to play while she was SecState?

I fear Trump is merely the Little Dutch Boy with his finger in the dike. He is only stemming the tide of big gummint corruption. I still say that we will eventually degenerate into a socialist dictatorship like Venezuela. He is merely delaying the inevitable. What’s funny is that many of the people who want this to happen will be surprised that it won’t be the utopia they thought it would be. Look at Venezuela. I think it was Insty who said that the problem with Venezuela was not that socialism was implemented improperly but that it was implemented properly.