Dear NFL

Dear NFL – After no one picked up Colon Krapperdick I thought you might have decided to put a stop to those ridiculous protests by the semi-literate thugs who are lucky to be paid millions of dollars to entertain us. I was wrong. You went full SJW. As Glenn Reynolds sez, “Never go full SJW.” See Missouri, University of. It went full SJW last year. As a result, enrollment is down. It’s so bad that it had to shut down many of its dormitories. Besides that, alumni donations are way down. It has had to lay off many people. Unfortunately, it prolly hasn’t closed its Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) department.

I didn’t watch a single football game last year until the playoffs and that was only because the Falcons were in them. I would not have watched the Super Bowl if the Falcons had not been in it. I decided to give you a chance this year. I was wrong. You have decided to spit in the faces of the fans. As I heard Rush Limbaugh say today that you had a choice between your employees and your customers and you chose your employees. Bad move.

And what was that bullshit that Goodell was peddling about the NFL not being divisive. What a load of crap. These protesters are divisive. These Negro thugs have decided to disrespect the flag and the country. Didja see what happened in England? They knelt for the anthem and stood for God Save the Queen. Fine dickheads, move to England.

There is no other country in the world where blacks have it better than the United States. Even our poor blacks live better than 90% of the people on the planet. And most of you Negro football players would be in jail, dead, or in a gang if it weren’t for football.

What’s really ironic, and Rush picked up on this as well, is that liberals have been trying for the last ten years to destroy football because it is too violent. Now, they have the commissioner, the owners, and the players helping them out. Dear Negro thugs, do you know the term “useful idiot”? That’s what you are.

The fans do not want to see Black Lives Matter demonstrations. They want to see controlled violence. Football is our version of the Roman gladiatorial games. Before a match the gladiators would say, “We who are about to die, salute you.” What do you think the Romans would do if some doofus gladiators would pull some shit and say, “Thracian lives matter”? They would be executed on the spot. We don’t have that option but what we can do is starve you of money. We can quit watching the games. We can quit building stadiums for the owners or giving them tax breaks. We can turn off the television on Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, Monday night, and Thursday night. Your ratings were down last season because of just one player, Colon Krapperdick. They’re down this season and you have doubled down by not controlling your semi-literate Negro players. The ratings are gonna continue to plummet.

Half of these booger eatin’ moh-rons don’t even know what the First Amendment is. Many of them couldn’t even read it.

You need to crack down on the players and enforce the rules. There is a rule that all players must stand for the national anthem. You can always get more players but you can’t get more fans. In every NFL camp this summer there were ninety players. The rosters were eventually cut down to fifty-three players on the active roster and ten on the practice squad. That leaves twenty-seven players who didn’t make the cut. For thirty-two teams than means almost nine hundred men who want to play. Fine the players who won’t stand and suspend them. If the players strike, do what you did last time: replacement players. Sure, the quality of the product will drop but after the semi-literate thugs don’t have the money to support their life styles, they’ll be begging to come back and stand for the national anthem. Krapperdick said that if a team picked him up, he would stand for the anthem this year. Too late dickhead. I sure hope your girlfriend is a good screw because she sure screwed up your career you pussy whipped asshole.

So, even though my Falcons are 3-0, I will not be watching any more games this season. I will not watch any games on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday. I’m done. I watch to be entertained. It’s an escape from politics. You let the SJWs take over and have pandered to your Negro players. Watch your ratings continue to drop and try to blame it on hurricanes or other crap. Judging from what I am seeing on the internet, I’m not the only person who feels this way. You are offending your fans and your fans won’t take it anymore.


At the football game in Detoilet yesterday, they had some black dude sing the national anthem. At the end of his rendition, he took a knee and raised his fist in the air. At the end of the game Detoilet’s winning touchdown was overturned on review and they lost the game. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!