Asshole Of The Week

Johnny McRINO acted up too late to make the cut lastt week and was in the running this week but he was beat out by the NFL. The NFL messed up bigly this past week from the commish to the owners to the coaches and to the players. Jerry Jones who in a viral email was reported to have said that any player who knelt would sit took a knee with his entire team. I knew the email was bullshit, just like the one about the Chief’s owner was bullshit.

What we have observed this week will be in marketing classes in the near future along with New Coke and Playboy’s decision to stop nudity in the magazine. You don’t piss off your customers.

As I said in an earlier post, the NFL could have quashed this last year when Colon Krapperdick started his antics and was aped by other black booger eatin’ moh-rons, but they were afraid of the blacks in the league. Now, the situation has spiraled out of control. Trump called them on it and they doubled down on their stupidity. Jones knelt with his team. Way to give your fans the finger Jerry. Did you forget that you are in Texas? Arthur Blank, the owner of the Falcons, and other owners locked arms with their players “in solidarity”. In solidarity of what? Telling the people who buy the tickets, watch the games on TV, and buy NFL merchandise to fuck off? You had a choice, you could pander to your black players and give the finger to the fans, or you could respect the fans and tell the black players to knock it off. Fines and suspensions would do wonders when the players felt it in their wallets. Now the NFL is feeling it in its wallet. How does if feel beauzeauz?

As for the kneegroes kneeling?

Blank became a billionaire with Home Depot. Did he suddenly forget all of his marketing expertise? Most of the other owners are businessmen. Did they suddenly forget that the customer is always right?

According to the news all the Packers stood for the national anthem Thursday night, but they locked arms, they didn’t stand with their hands on their heart. In other words, they’re still disrespecting the flag and the anthem. It’s funny listening to the semi-literate kneegro thugs saying they are not disrespecting the flag and the anthem. Then what are you doing? Half of them don’t even know.

Now, as ticket sales are declining and TVs are being turned off teams like the Steelers, who cowardly remained in the tunnel and the Denver Broncos say they will stand this week. Will they lock arms or will they respect the flag and the anthem? We’ll see. Or some of us will. Many others like me will not be watching.

You went full SJW NFL. Never go full SJW. You have seriously damaged your brand. Want some advice? Tell all of the players to stand respectfully with hands over their hearts. If they don’t, fine and suspend. You may even have to have some of your thugs cut ads apologizing for their reprehensible behavior. Or you could continue on the course that you are following. Pete Rozelle, Vince Lombardi, and Tom Landry are spinning in their graves. None of those three would have tolerated this bullshit.

Here’s your award.