Labor Day

It’s Labor Day or for someone like me who has been retired for 13 years, it’s Monday.

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    • Chuck, it takes some time getting used to doing what you please. No one to help you motivate to get going and that was tough for me. I figured it out after about two years and I sometimes have to force myself to get moving and do things.
      It seemed to work itself out as time went by. I love being on my schedule and no one else’s. You’ll figure it out.

  1. 3 years, 8 months for me. Yeah, still a lot of stuff to do in the garden. But garbage day will be delayed a day this week, per their usual schedule.

  2. I became a wage slave in September, 1965, and in the years since have been unemployed a total of two weeks. I retired at the end of February this year, but it didn’t last long. My boss called up and asked me to come back on contract to do some work that had to be done before they could get a new hire in; so I did. I wound that up last week, and will spend the next few days showing the new District Forester around the Fairfield and Olney forestry districts. Hitting age 66 feels like my 21st birthday all over again! This was my last “Labor Day!”

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