Saturday Boobage 10-7-2017

This one is from Don H. Let’s go sailing!

13 comments on “Saturday Boobage 10-7-2017

  1. I can imagine her in that pose on the bow of my 120′ tri-deck motor
    yacht right after I win the Powerball lottery jackpot!

  2. Wow, just wow. Perfect boob/nip ration (calling Toejam, calling Toejam) and a really nice “sag” which is proof these puppies are the real thing. Other than her being a little pale complexioned (we can fix that with a little sun) I call this one a perfect 10.

      • Tiny, small, pert, sassy, big, fat, firm or soft, I LOVE them all!

        The only kind I dislike are the ones that are born
        of old age and gravity. By that I mean if a woman’s
        boobs are sagging to her knees, they are not sexy!
        PS I hear that Nancy Sinatra is going to sing a duet
        with Felonia von Pantsuit. “These boobs are made
        for sagging” is the tentative title.

  3. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    Kinda’ gives the old, “Hi sailor!” a whole new meaning. Sorta’ like, “How’ze ’bout this high sailor, huh, lady sailor?”

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