AOTW 11-17-2017

Double standards. We expect them from Dimocrats. After all, if it weren’t for double standards, Dimocrats wouldn’t have any standards at all. Now we find that Republicans, like Bitch McConnell and John McRINO have adopted Dimocrats’ double standards. The cucks have demanded that Roy Moore resign over allegations that he had improper behavior with women over 40 years ago. It’s funny that it has taken 40 years for these allegations to have surfaced when you consider how long he has been in the spotlight. Yet, here we have Al Franken, with pictorial proof of what he did and you don’t hear of those paragons of virtue, Bitch and McRINO calling for his resignation. Instead Bitch is calling for an ethics investigation. What’s to investigate?

Look at that scumbag, groping a sleeping woman’s breasts while leering at the camera. Oh yeah. Doesn’t he make a perfect senator? He does make a perfect Dimocrat senator in the mold of Ted Floater Kennedy or Chris Dodd who made a waitress sandwich with Floater. Ethics investigation my ass.

By the way we have some liberals justifying Franken’s behavior by saying Leeann Tweeden was a Playboy Playmate. That’s right. Blame the victim. First off, she was not a Playmate. She appeared nude in an issue of Playboy and displayed a nice rack. Even tho’ she was nude, all you saw was her awesome boobage. Second, that does not justify the dooshbag’s groping. Remember, these were the people outraged at Clarence Thomas allegedly talking dirty but were OK with BJ Clinton raping and sexually assaulting women. They were upset that Trump said he could do it, not that he did it, but were OK with BJ raping and assaulting women.

Bitch demanding Moore drop out of the Senate race while giving Franken a pass makes it even more clear that Bitch is behind the smear job on Moore. Bitch, McRINO, Schumer, et. al. are all swamp dwellers and will do anything to protect their fellow swamp dwellers, like Al Franken. I don’t know who’s the bigger asshole here, dooshbag hypocrite failed comic Franken or hypocrite Bitch. Just to show how bipartisan I am, I think I will let these two assholes share the award this week.