AOTW 11-24-2017

Yet another week of assholiness.

Didja see that John McRINO can’t figger out which leg to wear his walking cast on? It is kinda hard to put his foot in his mouth with the cast on so maybe he changes it when he changes which foot to put in his mouth.

Lois Lerner wants her testimony sealed ’cause she fears for her life if people find out the truth about her. If it’s that bad, maybe she should be jailed and stripped of her pension.

Schmuck Schumer wanted to destroy Thanksgiving dinner by having people print out a chart of the Republicans’ tax plan and take it to Thanksgiving dinners to start arguments and bash Trump and the Republicans.

There are nude pictures of Joe Barton (R, Texas) floating around that he claims are revenge porn. Wait a minute! Nude pictures of Joe Barton? WTF?

Many other assholes abound, but I’m giving this week’s award to John Conyers, yet another Dimocrat accused of harassing women. Didja notice how many more liberals and Dimocrats are being exposed than Republicans? Remember, the Dims are our moral superiors, yannow Dims like BJ Clinton, the Floater, Anthony Weiner, Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and now John Conyers. More! I want more! I also want the names of the congresscritters, both Dimocrats and Republicans who used taxpayer money to settle with women and to hush them up. Those are our dollars. Those dudes should get kicked out of Congress and not face a phony toothless ethics investigation. Throw the bums out! Start with Conyers. Let’s start holding Dimocrats to the same standards that they demand of Republicans.

Here’s your award Conyers.