AOTW 3-30-2018

Lot of assholiness going on. Crooked Cankles just won’t go away and that’s good news for Republicans. The more she shrieks, the worse the Dimocrats do. And how the mighty have fallen. She used to get $250,000 a speech. Now she only gets $25,000. That’s what Rutgers paid her. What’s funny, is even Snooki, from Jersey Shore got paid more than that.

Hillary Clinton’s take on the speaking circuit is not even on par with a reality TV star like Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, reports.

Clinton reportedly received $25,000 for a Thursday speech at historic Rutgers University that promised the skinny on “politics, American democracy and her role in shaping women’s political history,” but Snooki, of “Jersey Shore” fame picked up a $32,000 pay check for her analysis of American academia, suggesting that potential graduates “study hard, but party harder.”


Jeb! had to check in about what a bad Republican Trump is. I guess it’s because Trump actually does conservative stuff like tax cuts, standing up to our enemies, and getting tough on illegal immigration. Now if only he would build the wall.

Howza ’bout that Pope Francis? He sez there’s no hell. I guess when you ask, “Is the pope Catholic?” you can no longer be sure of the answer. I guess you should stick to, “Does a bear shit in the woods?”

But the winner is that little twerp David Hogg. He’s turning out to be a bully just like all SJWs are. Laura Ingraham made a snide tweet about him not getting accepted to some college and now he’s leading a crusade to get her off the air by going after her sponsors. Laura made one big mistake and that was apologizing. Never, ever apologize to an SJW because that is a sign of weakness. It’s never enough. They’ll demand more which is what Hogg has already done by demanding she denounce Fox News. I imagine it was her bosses at Fox who told her to do it. Anyway some of her sponsors have virtue signaled and withdrawn their ads. Here they are.

The Atlantis, Paradise Island resort; Office Depot, Jenny Craig, Hulu, Nutrish, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Wayfair, StitchFix, Nestlé and Johnson & Johnson said they would pull ads from the show.

Eleven companies I won’t do business with. Too bad. I like Office Depot but it doesn’t like me. Same with Nestle. They’ve allowed themselves to be bullied by a self righteous little twerp.

The left tried this shit with Sandra Fluck and Rush Limbaugh. BTW, where is Sandra Fluck? She’s served her purpose and the left has dumped her into the trash bin alongside Cindy Sheehan. One day Hogg will join them when his usefulness has ended. What’s funny is many of the sponsors who quit Rush tried to come back a few weeks later and he told them to fuck off. Rush has no problem getting sponsors. Laura, on the other hand, doesn’t have that luxury.

So, David Hogg, you have been beaten out a few times for this award but this week you win it hands down. GFY with it you pompous little twerp! Yannow I’d like to see him get caught doing sumpin’ illegal and wind up in jail. It wouldn’t be long until he was someone’s little bitch. One of my commenters, James Old Guy, commented that he would like to see him drafted into the military. Ron replied on what would happen to him.

First night, he’d wet the bed.
Second night, blanket party.
Third night, slit his wrists.

Sounds about right.


Ronsday – Hogg, The Constitution, And Guns

Ron chimes in on that little twerp David Hogg and some other stuff.

Ron on.

Still findin pics of that pompous, rude, arrogant, naïve, annoying, self-appointed, would-be 2nd-Amendment killer Hogg. Sparklingly ignorant and terminally brainwashed modern teenage Don Quixote waving a plastic blue lightsaber with nearly exhausted batteries.

Wonder if he’s aware of how our gummint is set up? He keeps sayin that we have a democracy, which we don’t (we have a Constitutional republic), so I gotta figger he cut class the day that making changes to the Constitution was discussed.

In a democracy, the majority rules and the losers lament. If the majority decides they need to take your car, they can just take it. In a republic, your car is your property, not the majority’s. It can’t be taken against your will unless you have violated the rules for owning and operating it.

Sometimes the individual is protected from a misdirected majority by the Constitution. It’s like when the 2nd Amendment was written, the public had access to the same weapons as the government. That was precisely the point.

For it to pass, a Constitution Amendment bill requires 2/3 majority in BOTH houses, and then even then has to be ratified by 3/4 of the states for final approval. What’re the odds on that happening? Is he really that oblivious and manic?

Ron off.

Please Dimocrats please, I’m begging you, run on gun control in the midterms.

Ron on.

Hey, I’m MUCH more worried about the fact that nobody in Congress from either side of the debate on immigration is even thinking about the rights of Zombies and the need to protect them from deportation. All anybody seems worried about are the illegals, refugees, and “the children.”

So, EVERYbody would like to see a workable plan which would keep dangerous weapons away from mentally unbalanced individuals. But such people tend not to check first if their delusional plans are prohibited by law.

The reality is that even in places where firearms are heavily restricted, such as Britain or Australia, there are Still gun deaths. People will find ways to get weapons the same way they found booze during Prohibition, and knife attacks in Britain occur about every 4 minutes. You’re FAR more likely to die from beating or bludgeoning or accident in the US than in a mass shooting.

Ron off.

And if the Brits would ship the muzzies back to where they came from and outlaw Islam, there would be fewer knife attacks.

Ron on.

And I STILL say that if the media would stop over-saturating the environment with non-stop coverage of gun-related incidents in gun-free zones, most of which is repetition, we’d have far fewer of them. Stop sensationalizing psychopaths and losers. Don’t mention their names or show their fotos. EVER.

Oh, well. Criticizing the younger generation is an important feature of the mental hygiene of the older generation. It promotes good circulation to the extremities and produces a pleasant feeling of having accomplished something useful.

Hogg reminds me of one of those career students who go to college forever and wind up with BA degrees in all the fine arts but can’t say anything intelligent about any of them or even complete his own income-tax forms.

Ron off.

Hogg was not accepted at four of the schools in California he applied to. Whassa matter? Not liberal enough? Maybe he looks too much like a NAZI.

Ron on.

I won’t be surprised in a few years to see that he’s been shot, or become a drug addict, is marching in a gay pride demonstration, or in prison. I see him as a future bad-decision-making machine on a par with Cauley McCulkin, or Charlie Manson.

I forgot the actual number (think it’s around a dozen), but several US teenagers die every day because of texting and driving. Apparently teenagers aren’t mature enough to safely use those devices, so we need to raise the age for owning them to 21.

But the bottom line on laws in the US is that we have so damned many now that no one can give you a straight answer on how many there actually are. Regiments of lawyers and clerks and other wordsmiths make very comfortable livings digging into law books to find a statute to contradict the ones being used by the lawyers opposing them.

We have plenty of rules, regulations, restrictions, requirements and laws concerning purchase, ownership, use, and transfer of firearms. But short of creating a cadre of Gorts as in the movie, we will never create laws which can prevent or control evil. By its very nature, evil does not obey laws.

Ron off.

Klaatu barada nikto or maybe not.

Sissies Versus Men

Saw this video here.

Reason no 1003 why I don’t like soccer. Look at those girly pussies reacting after they hit the ground and compare it to the hockey dude who gets hit in the head with a hockey puck, bleeds all over the ice, goes to the locker room and gets 30 stitches, and returns to the game and scores a short-handed goal which wins the game.

And this is a metaphor for EUrope. EUrope, the continent where Western Civilization was created and flourished from the Greeks to the Romans to the Italian Renaissance to the music of Germany and Italy to the plays of Shakespeare. Socrates. Plato. Aristotle. Alexander. Caesar. Michelangelo. Leonardo da Vinci. Bach. Mozart. Beethoven.

Now Western Civilization is dying in EUrope, not with a bang, but with a whimper as it surrenders to Islam.

Look at mighty Germany which during WWII conquered almost all of EUrope. The Germans were never conquered by the Romans and inflicted one of the worst defeats on them at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest where they wiped out three Roman legions. Now these same Germans have continuously elected a woman who is destroying their country by welcoming in Moslem savages who are raping their women and destroying their customs. And what is once mighty Germany’s response? Their citizens must be more tolerant and respect multiculturalism. I used to be proud to be 100% German on my mother’s side. Now? Not so much.

Spain, which spent seven hundred years driving the Moslems out of Spain finally finishing the Reconquista in the Fifteenth Century has now turned around and has welcomed these same people back into their country all in the name of multiculturalism. What is wrong with these people?

France. Well what can you say about France. The French are a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys so it’s no wonder that they have welcomed the Moslems with open arms even as the Moslems are killing people with terrorist attacks. Anti-Semitism is on the rise but the French have always hated the Jews anyway so they have that in common with the Moslems. They are doing everything in their power not to offend Moslems. Their are places in the large cities where the cops are afraid to go. We found out this week that there was at least one brave cop who took the place of a hostage in a stand off with a deranged Moslem prolly knowing that he was gonna die. Too bad he died as he was one of the few brave French men.

Now we come to England. Oh great England what has become of you? I’m 100% British on my father’s side. He used to be proud of the fact that England was never successfully invaded after the Norman conquest. Now what have the Brits done? They have welcomed their invaders with open arms. How much longer before the Moslem conquest is complete? For years, the Moslems in Rotherham England had a sex ring and were raping little girls and selling them into sexual slavery. The police did nothing because doing so would be racist. WTF? Just recently, we found out the same thing was going on in Telford England but in this case the perps were not identified as Moslems but as “Asians”. Must not offend the future overlords. The most common name of a baby boy born in England is Mohammed.

Once the sun never set on the English Empire. England created colonies in North America that became the United States and Canada. They created colonies that became Australia and New Zealand. They created colonies in Africa that became wealthy Rhodesia and South Africa. These two colonies were turned over to the Africans and have now become shithole Zimbabwe and future shithole South Africa because SA is instituting the same land “reforms” that destroyed Zimbabwe and turned it from the bread basket of Africa to the basket case of Africa. Sorry black Africans. Wakanda is a myth. To think that a people living in grass huts in the Stone Age who had never discovered the wheel could have created a high tech society is ludicrous.

The capital of the once mighty British Empire, London, now has a Moslem mayor. Think about that. He has said that terrorism, caused by his fellow Moslems, is the price one has to pay for living in a big city. Sorry dude, it’s the price one has to pay living in a city infested with Moslems. There is no terrorism in Tokyo which is a larger, more crowded city than London. The big difference? No Moslems. Yep. Not all Moslems are terrorists, but most terrorists are Moslems. The racist Japanese have wisely not bought into the multiculturalism bullshit. They are smart enough to realize that there is no strength in Diversity (All Hail Diversity!).

The poor Brits cannot fight back because they have been disarmed which is what the leftists are trying to do here. In the last few days, John Paul Stevens, who used to be on the Supreme Court, wrote an op-ed saying he thinks it’s time we repeal the 2nd Amendment. What do you want to bet that the four liberals progressives rat bastard commies on the Supreme Court agree with him? And the Never Trumpers wanted Felonia von Paintsuit to win so she could put another gun grabber on the Supreme Court. We dodged a bullet but the “conservatives” still are sorry Trump won. Traitorous assholes! And I’m talking to you McRINO, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, John Kasich, and the entire fucking Bush family.

Winston Churchill knew the truth about Moslems.

Winston Churchill 1899: “Individual Moslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

Of course, in England today, he would prolly be arrested and thrown in jail for hate speech. England what has happened to you?

There is hope for EUrope. The Eastern EUropean countries like Hungary and Poland are refusing to take in these Moslem “refugees” and guess what? They are terrorism free. Maybe they will survive the Moslem onslaught. France, Germany, Spain, and England have surrendered. So Sad.

I Don’t Care

Kurt Schlichter wrote a column two weeks ago titled Don’t Let Liberals Win By Making You Care. Guess what? I don’t care. An excerpt.

We just don’t care what Trump did with his pneumatic bimbos – to the extent anyone even believes them. His critics don’t really seem to. They never gave a damn about this stuff until a Republican allegedly did something. Or until one did nothing – they were outraged about Mitt Romney too.

Perhaps we fail to meet the moral standards of people who already call us racist, sexist, greedy, stupid, and all sorts of other stuff. You heard what Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit said about us. Hell, we are murdering children by sticking up for the Constitution, remember? But gee, it seems that this time we have really disappointed them. This time it’s totally serious. We’ve really done it now. Now our enemies are going to think really, really badly of us.

The liberals really set the bar low with BJ Clinton and his history of rape and sexual harassment, but that was just about sex. It didn’t matter. Even feminists attacked his victims. Felonia von Pantsuit led the attacks on his poor victims. Character didn’t matter as long as he was a Dimocrat and the economy was doing OK. So now character matters?

The liberals really set the bar low with Ted “the Floater” Kennedy. Leaving a woman to die when he drunkenly drove off a bridge and waiting until the next day to report it was OK. This asshole should have been convicted of at least manslaughter and given some jail time. It didn’t matter. He was one of the royal Kennedys and he was a Dimocrat. He was also given a pass on his treatment of women. He was later hailed as the “Lion of the Senate”.

The liberals set the bar low with Robert Byrd. He was a Kleagle of the KKK and in the past had written many racist things about Africans. He even got away with saying “nigger” in an interview on one of the alphabet networks. But he was a Dimocrat so that was OK.

The liberals are currently setting the bar low with the African Dimocrats’ embrace of the anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. Remember how the liberals said Trump, who had no relationship whatsoever with David Duke, had to denounce and disavow him? Now we have many members of the Congressional African Caucus embracing and defending Calypso Louie who has said that Adolph Hitler was a great man. He has called Judaism a gutter religion. And these are the people who are calling Trump a NAZI?

Another excerpt from Schlichter’s column.

We talk a lot about the New Rules, and how the liberals and their lackeys are going to hate them. Well, they certainly do hate them. No, not because they have something against kinky side action. There’s no need to remind these hypocrites of their affinity for Bill Clinton, he of the human humidor and the Oval Office bad aim. Oh, and don’t forget the Lion of the Senate, Teddy “Vroom Vroom Splash Splash” Kennedy, the chef who liked to whip up the occasional waitress sandwich after getting staggeringly hammered. I once saw him stumbling out of the senators’ elevator when I interned on Capitol Hill – he smelled like a distillery and his nose was redder than Rudolph’s. So when liberals start telling us we should freak out and abandon a Republican who’s laying down the smack on Obama’s legacy because he used to indulge in his own reindeer games, well, that’s just not happening.

See, the New Rules say it doesn’t matter, so it doesn’t matter for anyone.

Yep. Character doesn’t matter anymore. Plus, Trump did his stuff when he was a private citizen. BJ turned the Oval Office into the Oral Office. He also rented out the Lincoln bedroom turning the White House into a Motel 6. The Floater did his stuff when he was a Senator. The Africans in Congress are worshiping a NAZI lover and an anti-Semite.

Trump allegedly banged Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal when he was a private citizen. If you assholes are trying to make me think he’s unfit for office for that after the 16 years of BJ and Obungler, then GFY! Good for Trump for getting some. At least he’s not staining the Oval Office carpeting. At least he’s not killing a woman. At least he doesn’t have a history with the KKK. At least he’s not embracing a Hitler lover and an anti-Semite. Trump’s alleged affairs are all ancient history. Isn’t that what the Dimocrats said about Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick?

More from Schlichter.

Well, no go-backsies now that those Old Rules would be useful again. You liberals made the New Rules, and by doing so you deprived yourselves of being able to leverage human frailty to weaponize our morality and score a victory based on collateral antics where you can’t win on substance.

What you liberals progressives rat bastard commies are trying to do to Trump isn’t working. You know why?

I! Don’t! Fucking! Care!

And I’m not the only one. Dontcha just love The New Rules?