Fun On Twitter

There’s a dude on Twitter who goes by the name of Sean Spicier. It’s obviously a parody account, except to unhinged liberals progressives rat bastard commies who can’t tell the difference between Spicer and Spicier. They think this guy is the real Sean Spicer. Anyhoo, he comes up with some hilarious tweets like the following:

Or this one:

He always makes my day.

Another guy I like is Rex Tillersom.

The best part of Twitter are the parody accounts and how liberals progressives rat bastard commies think they are real and react accordingly.

Monday Pun 3-12-2018

I started at IBM in the Office Products Mattel Division fixing typewriters and dictation equipment. My friend Phil sent me this pun which really brought back memories. BTW, the Selectric typewriter was a really neat machine. I remember seeing them in the Navy in the 60’s and wondering how they worked. I found out in 1973.