AOTW 3-16-2018

I was gonna give it to that little twerp who survived the Parkland school massacre and is out blaming the NRA, Republicans, Rubio, Trump, Dana Loesch, and others for the shooting and has turned into an annoying little gun grabber. He’s now whining about people pushing back at him and making personal attacks. WTF has this little butthead done but make personal attack on those who support the 2nd Amendment.

But this annoying little dude was beat out by Crooked Cankles who still hasn’t gotten over the 2016 election. This past week in India she insulted the half of the country that didn’t vote for her as backward morons. She went after white women who didn’t vote for her because their husbands or sons forced them to vote for Trump instead of Queen Cankles. Just because she was married to someone who walked all over her she thinks other married women let their husbands walk all over them as well. Many of these married women who did not vote for Thunder Rodent Thighs would have taken their children and left a husband who treated them like BJ did. They saw right through her faux feminism and voted accordingly.

On the upside, she was unable to successfully waddle down some stairs in India and fell not once but twice.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This time she lost both shoes.

The next day she broke her wrist supposedly falling while getting in a bathtub. It’s a good thing she didn’t become president. She could have fallen and accidentally hit the nuke button.