French Bashing

Haven’t bashed the French for a while. Ric N. sent me this.

16 comments on “French Bashing

  1. The Surrender-Monkeys never cease to amuse.
    The WhiteFlaggers are surrendering to the pisslims, today.
    If a Rifle-Dropper doesn’t have somebody to surrender to, he’s quite unhappy.

  2. In WWII the French threw hand grenades at the Germans. The Germans pulled the pins and threw them back.

        • Germans got rid of the Jews to replace them with pisslims.
          Gas the Jews and hug the pisslims who will rape your women and destroy your culture and turn Germany into Congo or Lybia.
          An English officer once said (battle of Jutland) “there seems to be something wrong with our ships, today”
          Well . . . there seems to be something wrong with the German brains these centuries.
          I wonder how many Germans would want their Jews back and their pisslims out?
          And you know what? I think very few of them.
          They still love to hate Jews and love pisslims.
          I guess some things can’t change.
          Maybe there’s something in the water . . .

  3. True story: Was talking to a Frenchman in a Marseilles bar some years back and he asked me If I knew why country roads in France had trees planted along them on both sides. I told him I had no idea and he said that it was so the German soldiers could march in the shade.

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