Dear Bobby

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Barbra Streisand’s fax machine.

To: Robert DeNero
From: Barbra Streisand

Dear Bobby:

I saw you on the Tonies the other nite and I had to get up off my couch and cheer when you said, “Fuck Trump!” I agree. Fuck Trump! Fuck Trump! Fuck Trump! Who does that guy think he is stealing an election from Hillary Clenton? She won the populaqr vote and should be president. I really like that you got a standing ovation. I’ll bet all of the people at home cheered as well. It’s nice to know that the American people realize what a fraud Trump is.

I just hope that Muller finally brings charges against Trump for collusing with Russia to steal the election. I guess he’ll do it before the election and we’ll get our blue wave and then we’ll be able to impeach Trump and then Hillary will be president. That’s how it works right?

Trump has been the worst president in my lifetime. He’s even worse than Bush. How dare he pull out of the Paris agreement. Anjd now he’s going to allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. Every wonderful policy thatr Obama made during his presidency is being overturned by Trump. How can he do that? Isn’t that unconstitutional? Oboma is the best president this country has ever had and Trump is undoing all of the wonderful things Obama diod. It makes me want tpo cry.

He’s also taking credit for the wonderful economy. The economy is a result of Ibama’s policies not anything Trump has done.

Besides Iran now getting nukes, Trump is now going to allow Kim Jor el to get nukes as well and after all of the work that Bill Clinton and Obama did to prevent that. I can’t wait for the election so we can impeach Trump. This nightmare has got to stop!

Keep up the good work Bobby and keep sayin, “Fuck Trump!”

:Love ya,

8 comments on “Dear Bobby

  1. Is she still alive? Haven’t heard a thing (thank God) in several months. Thought the plug had been pulled on that FAX machine.

    • Last time I seen her she was auditioning for the part of the old lady on the New Adams family movie. The Producer want’s he real bad . She wont require a lot of make-up, and that will help the producer to stay within the budget

    • Actually, she jumped off her pile of money when Trump was elected and killed herself. That’s Mel Brooks in drag filling in for Babs now.

  2. The Alzheimer’s wing had another patient get at the phone and fax machine again. They seem so innocent until they actually get loose.

    This Streisand woman is worse than most. She thinks she is Fanny Brice; some has been ancient comedienne except she has not been funny since the 60’s. Her jokes fall flat just like everything else she has including her voice.

    That Bobby character is one to watch too. He has spurious outbursts and can be profane. That is why we usually medicate him. His family had taken him out for a while and must be he got away from them again. It was hell the last time catching him. He keeps telling us he is Jake Lamotta or something like that. He keeps throwing punches at the orderlies and otherwise causing a ruckus.

    I have to say it is sad when people like this get so old they do not know who or where they are. Some kind of dreamers they seem to be.

    Well, I hope you can catch these two soon. It makes our nursing home look bad when our patients escape.

  3. Spoken like the Blow Job Queen she was in Greenwich Village when she was starting out & before she became a star. Had to pay the rent somehow & explains why she supports those who kneel in protest & always talks like her mouth is full.

  4. So my wife sends me article link from NYT (which I, of course, ignored) that she wants me to read because it’s how she feels. Apparently, they prefaced it with “From The New York Times:
    The Trump Doctrine Is Winning and the World Is Losing
    The planet is a safer place because of the liberal world order. The president wants to destroy it.”
    I had to keep my mouth very much shut.
    Help me.

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