California Blackouts

California continues to descend into Third World status. The latest step is planned blackouts.

No U.S. utility has ever blacked out so many people on purpose. PG&E says it could knock out power to as much as an eighth of the state’s population for as long as five days when dangerously high winds arise. Communities likely to get shut off worry PG&E will put people in danger, especially the sick and elderly, and cause financial losses with slim hope of compensation.

Blackouts. They’re not for Third World nations anymore, just states run by Dimocrats.

In October, in a test run of sorts, PG&E for the first time cut power to several small communities over wildfire concerns, including the small Napa Valley town of Calistoga, for about two days. Emergency officials raced door-to-door to check on elderly residents, some of whom relied on electric medical devices. Grocers dumped spoiling inventory. Hotels lost business.

Too bad. So sad.

PG&E is “essentially shifting all of the burden, all of the losses onto everyone else,” said Dylan Feik, who was Calistoga city manager until earlier this month.

This reminds me of the Ernestine skits on Laugh in with Lily Tomblin, when a customer, Gore Vidal, complained. “Oh Mr. Veedal, don’t be silly, we’re the phone company.”

Such a beautiful state ruined by liberal idiots.

13 comments on “California Blackouts

  1. As a lifelong resident of Marxifornia, I can tell you that the PRIMARY
    reason for the wildfires in this state is the result of insane forest
    management policies. PG&E was a convenient scapegoat for the
    socialist nitwits in Sacramento. The rod smoking governor Jerry
    Brown and now Gavin Newsom have all but bankrupted PG&E on
    the fictitious notion that high winds knocked down power lines
    which resulted in the recent spate of deadly wildfires!

    It is now a freaking felony to remove deadwood or brush from the
    forest floor. This had nothing to do with PG&E! The company is
    simply covering their asses by promising to shut down powerlines
    at the first sign of fire. A forensic analysis would be much easier
    to disprove the theory that the power lines were to blame if the
    entire power grid in that area was de-energized!

  2. If and when they finally build The Wall California may as well be on the other side of it. Silicon Valley, such as it is now, would be better run by the drug cartels.

  3. I’m pretty sure these ‘idiots’ are doing this on purpose. This is giving idiots a bad reputation. Hard to believe that a resident hasn’t taken the state to court over this brainless plan.

  4. It won’t take long to get the politicians to get up in arms over this. As soon as it affects former Gov. Moonbeam’s ranch, and/or the rural second or third homes of the influential supporters of the Public Utilities Commission, there’ll be an accommodation reached. In the meantime, I have a good sized Honda generator for when I need to pump water and a couple of smaller Generac units, either of which will take care of the smaller needs. If PG & E ain’t providin’ power, they can’t bill me for the days they’re shut down.

  5. Time to rename Mexifornia ……”North Central America”, Official Language is Spanish but English is somewhat tolerated.

  6. The usual consequences of Socialism is moving ever forward in Kommiefornia. It’s only going to get worse folks…..or better in case you are pro Socialism.

  7. A California Blackout is when enough Mexicans get across the Border & move into a city & take over a neighborhood forcing Kneegrows to leave.

  8. Windmills: only work when the wind is blowing. Too bad the power grid has to be shut off at the same time…
    Kafka would be hard pressed to out-do the Californicators at this point.

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