Saturday Boobage 5-4-2019

From Don H.

12 comments on “Saturday Boobage 5-4-2019

  1. We could do without the eye patch but hey it’s Saturday boobage! Her face reminds of a young Connie Stephens with dark hair.

    • Never heard of her. So googled her…….nude. She’s got hardware down thar in her netherregions. Not sure how I feel about that. But she’s got a smoking, “natural” body.

    • Oh man … I think we’ve all been somewhat “ruint” by TJ because (unfortunately) that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this great-lookin’ gal.

  2. That says sassy in big bold letters like the title scene of
    El Cid. Sassy is nice, it reminds me of the existential question
    of our time. We picked Mary Ann because she was the wholesome
    girl next door and Ginger was a stuck-up diva.

    Fast forward to today and the question is Christina Applegate or
    Katie Segal. No contest, Kelly Bundy might be good for a roll in the
    hay, but Peg Bundy looks like she could screw a man into a grave.

    This is what I see when I look in this chick’s face!

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