AOTW 11-29-2019

What did you think of Elijah Moore of Old Miss imitating a dog urinating in the end zone after scoring a touchdown with four seconds left in the game? What a booger eatin’ moh-ron. It resulted in a fifteen yard penalty and the kicker missed the extra point which would have tied the game. How stupid do you have to be to do that? He’s honorable mention for AOTW.

The winner is fake conservative Ana Navarro. Two polls showed that black support for Trump was at 34%. She didn’t like that. She tweeted:

I dunno. Sounds pretty racist to me. What an asshole!


Why is tinsel on a Christmas tree like Jeffrey Epstein? That tinsel didn’t hang itself.

Ronsday – More On Impeachment

Ron rants.

In the Congressional justice system, Republican based offences are considered especially egregious. In the House, the self-righteous representatives who investigate those unpardonable crimes and misdemeanors are members of an elite squad known as The Pelosian Inquisition. These are their inquiries.

The squad chairs are occupied by two biased and equally prejudiced nerds: Pencilneck Schiff in the House Intelligence Committee and Jerrold the Hut Nadler in the House Judiciary Committee. Here’s the foundational analogy basis for the deep state which drives Schiffty and Nadless:

A large corporation has 15 different departments, each with its own vice-president and counselor to run it. The 15 vice presidents and counselors have been doing things their own way and becoming very wealthy by ripping off the stockholders and carefully concealing their embezzlement.

One day the president retires and a new president takes over. He immediately declares his intention to get rid of the theft and corruption. That would mean exposure, termination, and penalties for all the embezzling veeps, leaving them no option but to impede or eliminate the new president, by arkancide if necessary.

It’s common knowledge inside the Beltway that the code of political omerta is in effect and exposing corrupt entrenched politicians can be career suicide, or just good ol’ “looks like an accident” seppuku. A simple way to explain it all is that the coroner’s report lists Jeffrey Epstein’s manner of death as suicide, and the direct cause as hanging around with Clintons.

If JFK were alive today, he’d probably say to ask not what your country can do for you but ask who killed Jeffrey Epstein. But to today’s Democrats, JFK would be a traitor to the cause, a double-dealer who would not only willingly but eagerly and openly work with the opposition for the good of the nation. How hokey!

I find the hypocrisy of liberals offensive and their duplicity insulting. Nancy Pelosi knows full well that the shampeachment is a perverse corruption of what the Founders intended for high-placed executives caught with their pants down or their hands in the till. She knows also that it will die in the Senate, so all she is accomplishing is access to microphones and cameras and a hope of repeating her lies often enough to undermine Trump’s chances of a second term.

All they’re doing is probing for that magic word or phrase or second-hand gossip that will weaken the opposition (Trump) in the next election. It’s not about patriotism, or duty, or “the people.” It’s about lust for power; nothing else, winning . . . not working.

DJT has done nothing that Soetoro, or Slick, or LBJ, or even JFK didn’t do. And he’s been considerably more effective in reviving the economy and improving national security than the whole lot of them did, especially in the area of using military or economic aid as a lever to get foreign governments back on track. Consider, for example, what Soetoro did for Iran: billions in cash and carte blanche for nuke development – that was tantamount to treason. And he actually withheld aid from Ukraine whereas Trump provided it.

Schiff & Co. are ignoring official statements from the Ukrainian prosecutor involved in the Biden extortion racket and the president of the country itself, suggesting that either their memories are faulty or it’s all some sort of conspiracy. But . . . second-hand gossip from a secret whistleblower whose name cannot be spoken is not only credible but gospel.

Schiff has all the credibility of Slick, the gravitas of Waters, and the appeal of deNiro. He’s basically saying, “Court stenographer, strike that last response by the witness and replace it with ‘Trump did it. I saw him.’”

To Schiff, the impeachment process is very clear and simple: charges against Trump are prepared secretly in the House and substantiated by a series of witnesses which he selects and coaches, then the House votes on impeachment while the Dems have the majority in the chamber to make sure it passes, and then the trial is conducted NOT in the Senate, but on CNN.

For three years now, Dems have been frantically trying to develop a time machine to allow them to go back and prevent Donald John Trump’s birth. Even before the final votes were counted they had prepared for impeaching him. It’s overtly and classically Stalinesque. Goebbels, Mao, Saddam, and Khamanei would be SO proud.

He hadn’t even been inaugurated yet when they began writing charges against him for presidential misconduct, abuse of power, collusion with foreign agents, climate-change denial, bribery, and exploiting his office for personal financial gain, not to mention the Spanish flu, the Chicago fire, and the Fall of Rome.

As soon as he sat down behind the Resolute Desk they charged him with nepotism, cronyism, racism, obstructing justice, flagrant misunderstanding of foreign policy, and naïve unfamiliarity with the traditional procedures governing statements from the Oval Office (IOW, failure to get approval of the editors at ABCNNBCBS).

In fact, most of what DJT is accused of by Dems is strongly reminiscent of exactly how his predecessor ran the office. Dorkemada Schiff has received sacrament from his borgiaesque speaker, the botox crone from SanFranShitShow, and decreed that for the good of the DNC, DJT must go – he’s guilty; we’ll identify his crime later.

Meanwhile, conservatives and Republicans who would like to get some legitimate work done on infrastructure, immigration, health care, and other major issues drift on rudderless deflating rafts in a polluted sea, driven toward oblivion by the steady noxious wind from the swamp by the Potomac.

They gaze despairingly toward the horizon and see mortally wounded tradition flailing helplessly in the descending gloom, long-standing rules ripped open and floundering on the jagged Nevertrump Reef, lawful reason drowned by a giant white squid with a “Resist!” banner trailing from its open maw. Self-feeding doubt rollicks in the greasy swells, and decay moves steadily like a mutant cancerous troll under the frothy surface littered with empty promises, wasted revenues, and golden parachutes, diving occasionally to sharpen its talons on the defleshed remains of patriots.

Jeeez . . . . sorry ‘bout that. Got carried away and channeled E. A. Poe or Stephen King or somebody. There’s a box of brownies with chocolate icing on the countertop. Play nice with each other.

Fire ‘Em All!

So SecNav was fired for opposing Trump’s order not to take Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher’s trident. It’s time for Trump to start firing some Admiral’s as well. That goes for generals in the Army.

Obungler forced out all of the warriors and replaced them with a bunch of pussies, suck up’s and SJWs.

I talked to my nephew (career Army) about this and he is fed up with the bullshit. When he hits his twenty years he’s out. He was complaining that before his last deployment to Afghanistan more emphasis was on SHARP than on readiness. Exercises were canceled so people could attend SHARP classes.

Kurt Schlichter wrote a good column on the insubordination of the military. His solution? Start firing people.

The two Navy vessels that collided with other ships should have caused heads to roll. I know one of them involved two female officers (Officer of the Deck and the officer in charge in CIC) who weren’t talking to each other. Strength in Diversity (All Hail Diversity!).

I’ve written before how inexcusable these two incidents were. CIC had to know that the ships were on a collision course. A radar jockey with a repeater and a grease pencil would know that five or ten miles before it happened. Incompetence on this level had to have been due to lack of training and letting inexperienced or incompetent officers stand watch as Officer of the Deck.

But I’ll bet everyone was up to speed on Diversity (Al Hail Diversity!) and sexual harassment training,

Trump has to start firing the SJWs and start putting warriors back in charge at the Pentagon. He also needs to fire assholes like Call me Lt. Col Vindman. He’s a fine example of an Obumbler officer. He doesn’t belong in the Army. Kick his ass out.

Take a big broom and start cleaning out the trash at the Pentagon. I was really hoping that Mattis would do the trick but I was disappointed.

Missed Opportunities

Abba Eban once said that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. It’s true. They could have had their state years ago. Arafat walked away from the best deal they will ever get, almost all of the West Bank and Gaza and East Jerusalem as their capital. A missed opportunity.

Now Trump has come out in favor of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. That’s potentially more land for Israel and less land for the Paleoswinian state.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry losers. You should have taken the deal.

The problem with the Paleoswinians is they don’t want a state as much as they want the destruction of Israel. They don’t want a two state solution, they want just one state. Someone needs to tell them that it ain’t gonna happen.

Looks like Trump is doing it.

Get your butts to the negotiating table or keep losing land.

And for all of the Dimocrats who keep saying walls don’t work, Israel’s wall sure put a stop to most of the Paleoswinian terrorism. Sure wish we had one like that on our southern border.

Trump also stopped a lot of aid going to the Paleoswinians, aid that was financing terrorism.

The sanctions on Iran are cutting back on money to the terrorists as well.

Are the Paleoswinians gonna miss another opportunity for peace and their own state? Of course they are.

Here’s my solution. Move ’em all to Gaza. Let that be their state.