Lots of excuses going round.

Of course we still have Thunder Rodent Thighs who wrote a book of excuses as to why she lost to Trump. She still thinks she won the election and would like to run again but the only voices she hears telling her to run are the ones in her head.

Not to be undone, Stacey Abrams Tank still refuses to concede the guv’ners race and sez if it wasn’t for voter suppression she would be guv’ner. If that’s so then lets hear it for voter suppression.

Then we have Horizontal Harris. Her excuse for not doing well in the primaries is that the country is “not ready for a woman of color”. She does realize she’s running for the Dimocrat nomination and it’s Dimocrats who decide the winner. She’s accusing her party of being racist. In her case she’s right. The Dimocrat Party is racist and has been that way since it’s formation. But, if Moochelle were to jump in I’ll bet she would do much better than Harris.

And now the latest whiner, Elizabeth Banks. She just made a Charlie’s Angels reboot and it turns out it’s a bomb. Her excuse? Men don’t want to see action movies with female leads. Now that, of course is bullshit! We love strong females in action roles. Howza ’bout Ripley in the Alien movies? Howza ’bout Sarah Conner in the first two Terminator movies. Wonder Woman? Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games? You remember the Hunger Games movies right? You were in them.

If the movie is well written and acted female action movies are great. Men love ’em. Or if the babes are hot they can carry a bad movie.

The problem with the latest Charlie’s Angels is the Angels aren’t very hot. That was the only thing the TV series had going for it, three hot babes. The previous two movies had semi-hot ladies. Cameron Diaz – hot. Drew Barrymore – semi-hot but she’s got big boobs. Lucy Liu – semi-hot. Compared to the TV series’ Angels, and the first two movies’ Angels, these Angels are a bunch of barkers.

Haven’t seen the movie (you can’t drag me to a movies theater) so I can’t comment on the script, but I hear it sucks. That’s on you Lizzie. You wrote it. You also directed it. Don’t blame men for your incompetence.

I won’t watch this film when it hits cable just like I didn’t watch the estrogen version of Ghostbusters and I didn’t watch Ocean’s Eight.

Hot babes and a good script and I guarantee men will watch the movie. I’ll even watch it when it comes on cable.