Fire ‘Em All!

So SecNav was fired for opposing Trump’s order not to take Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher’s trident. It’s time for Trump to start firing some Admiral’s as well. That goes for generals in the Army.

Obungler forced out all of the warriors and replaced them with a bunch of pussies, suck up’s and SJWs.

I talked to my nephew (career Army) about this and he is fed up with the bullshit. When he hits his twenty years he’s out. He was complaining that before his last deployment to Afghanistan more emphasis was on SHARP than on readiness. Exercises were canceled so people could attend SHARP classes.

Kurt Schlichter wrote a good column on the insubordination of the military. His solution? Start firing people.

The two Navy vessels that collided with other ships should have caused heads to roll. I know one of them involved two female officers (Officer of the Deck and the officer in charge in CIC) who weren’t talking to each other. Strength in Diversity (All Hail Diversity!).

I’ve written before how inexcusable these two incidents were. CIC had to know that the ships were on a collision course. A radar jockey with a repeater and a grease pencil would know that five or ten miles before it happened. Incompetence on this level had to have been due to lack of training and letting inexperienced or incompetent officers stand watch as Officer of the Deck.

But I’ll bet everyone was up to speed on Diversity (Al Hail Diversity!) and sexual harassment training,

Trump has to start firing the SJWs and start putting warriors back in charge at the Pentagon. He also needs to fire assholes like Call me Lt. Col Vindman. He’s a fine example of an Obumbler officer. He doesn’t belong in the Army. Kick his ass out.

Take a big broom and start cleaning out the trash at the Pentagon. I was really hoping that Mattis would do the trick but I was disappointed.