Have y’all checked your 401-Ks lately? Mine is doing great. Being over 70.5 years old, I have to take money out. This year, even though I take money out every month, it keeps on growing. I have more money in it than last year at this time. I love the Trump economy!

I was really worried last year when the Dimocrats took over the House. I was afraid they would do sumpin’ to derail the economy. Instead, they have used all of their energy in trying to impeach Trump. With all of the hearings on the sham Russian collusion and now this Ukrainian bullshit, they haven’t had time to pass any laws or do anything else to fuck up the economy.

It’s a great time to be a SRF©!

The more the Dimocrats run their impeachment circus the better the economy gets. Keep it up Dims. At this rate, you’re gonna lose the House. As it is, the big money dudes on Wall Street, who mostly support Dimocrats, have said they will sit out the election if rat bastard commie Chief Sitting Bullshit wins the nomination.

I’m so old I remember when the fat cats on Wall Street were Republicans.

I guess it’s easier to bribe Dimocrats than it is Republicans.

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          • It looks like Denny took a lesson from the
            Donald. He embraced deplorables and
            ran with it! Now it is on red T-shirts all
            over America.

            I cannot help but think about the 401k
            issue. This may be the reason for working
            class blacks, Hispanics, women, etc. are
            bolting the Democrat party. Call it
            Trumpanomics if you will. When the
            housing bubble pooched the economy,
            a Latino coworker said that he would
            vote Republican when his 401k recovered.

            Little did he know that the bubble broke
            due to Democrat policies, but I need to
            get in touch with him and ask how his
            retirement account is doing!

  1. Me being seventy and a half was so far in the future that it was, in the words of Vizzini, inconceivable!
    Now that it’s only two years or so from now, I wonder again how fast time is moving.

  2. I only check the balance when my quarterly statements come in, but a guess would be that my TSP is right about a half-mil. With me bein’ close to 72, they’d be requirin’ a minimum withdrawal, but since I’m still workin’ and contributin’ it just keeps growin’. Still ain’t taken a penny from SocSec either.
    Just imagine how the economy could benefit from The Stupid Party controllin’ both houses, assumin’ the RINOs don’t screw things up the way they did durin’ the first couple of years Trump was in office.

  3. I’m concerned about retaking the house. Just like last election cycle the repubs keep retiring. Last cycle if was around 27, now it is up to over 40.

  4. OK. Now you can clear up another mystery for me.What the hell does ONT over at Ace of Spades mean. I contacted him via Email, and he didn’t respond.

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