AOTW 11-29-2019

What did you think of Elijah Moore of Old Miss imitating a dog urinating in the end zone after scoring a touchdown with four seconds left in the game? What a booger eatin’ moh-ron. It resulted in a fifteen yard penalty and the kicker missed the extra point which would have tied the game. How stupid do you have to be to do that? He’s honorable mention for AOTW.

The winner is fake conservative Ana Navarro. Two polls showed that black support for Trump was at 34%. She didn’t like that. She tweeted:

I dunno. Sounds pretty racist to me. What an asshole!


Why is tinsel on a Christmas tree like Jeffrey Epstein? That tinsel didn’t hang itself.

10 comments on “AOTW 11-29-2019

  1. It’s only fair that we should expect as much class from an athlete as we do from celebrities and politicians. No, wait . . . what?

  2. You can take the negroid out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the negroid. That adolescent stunt made my day because of the cost.
    Put that junk to the curb.

  3. I ain’t speakin’ about anybody else who looks like him, but if he wasn’t raised any better than that he just rightfully brought nationwide shame on his Mama.
    But, this just goes to show that Denny ain’t always concentratin’ on Dem politicians when considerin’ ATOW.

  4. If the dims are concerned about the 34% support for DJT now, just wait a few months till after he has campaigned for black votes. He’ll be telling them that the dims want their vote to keep them down on the plantation / welfare. Are you better off now or under decades of dimocrat suppression?

  5. Denny:
    Off the AOTW subject, but you brought it up;

    I have probably seen a few hundred “memes” (Oh goodness! I do hate that slang/term/word) about Epstein. They’re like “Beating a dead horse” They’re not gonna’ get any better and, after a few days they are just gonna’ start to stink more.

    Just as Chevy Chase said so many years ago; “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead” – So is Epstein – Anybody that thinks that Whatever & Whoever killed him will ever be revealed is living in Chevy Chase’s 1975 world.

  6. members of congress should work from their districts,
    more accessible to their constiuents.
    with todays technology,they can work from home,
    via computer

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