Fire ‘Em All!

So SecNav was fired for opposing Trump’s order not to take Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher’s trident. It’s time for Trump to start firing some Admiral’s as well. That goes for generals in the Army.

Obungler forced out all of the warriors and replaced them with a bunch of pussies, suck up’s and SJWs.

I talked to my nephew (career Army) about this and he is fed up with the bullshit. When he hits his twenty years he’s out. He was complaining that before his last deployment to Afghanistan more emphasis was on SHARP than on readiness. Exercises were canceled so people could attend SHARP classes.

Kurt Schlichter wrote a good column on the insubordination of the military. His solution? Start firing people.

The two Navy vessels that collided with other ships should have caused heads to roll. I know one of them involved two female officers (Officer of the Deck and the officer in charge in CIC) who weren’t talking to each other. Strength in Diversity (All Hail Diversity!).

I’ve written before how inexcusable these two incidents were. CIC had to know that the ships were on a collision course. A radar jockey with a repeater and a grease pencil would know that five or ten miles before it happened. Incompetence on this level had to have been due to lack of training and letting inexperienced or incompetent officers stand watch as Officer of the Deck.

But I’ll bet everyone was up to speed on Diversity (Al Hail Diversity!) and sexual harassment training,

Trump has to start firing the SJWs and start putting warriors back in charge at the Pentagon. He also needs to fire assholes like Call me Lt. Col Vindman. He’s a fine example of an Obumbler officer. He doesn’t belong in the Army. Kick his ass out.

Take a big broom and start cleaning out the trash at the Pentagon. I was really hoping that Mattis would do the trick but I was disappointed.

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  1. Stalin purged all his competent generals because they weren’t politically reliable. Was Obama doing the same thing? Unintended consequence of Stalin’s paranioa was that Operation Barbarossa was able to to roll right up to the gates of Moscow with little opposition.

  2. Absolutely. Fire these perfumed princes as I believe it was Col David Hackworth called them. Dinglebarry wanted nothing but ass kissers and fellow phags. Well if it comes down to ass kicking time, we need ass kickers not ass kissers.
    I’m still pissed off about the way the pentagon pussies and politicians caused thousands of casualties by their pud pulling and ass kissing during Viet Nam.

  3. I am grateful our current CIC has changed the ROE to realistic conditions. The Kenyon was a disaster in more ways than one. MAGA 2020.

  4. The rot in the Pentagon/War Department started much earlier towards the end of WWII with demobilization and the Cold War. The different branches, dep’ts and agencies waged a cutthroat struggle to justify their continued existence and presence at the gov’t trough. A giant self-perpetuating bureaucracy which Eisenhower tried to warn us about half a century ago is now infested with planted tenured Clintonistas and Obama sycophants who do not have the best interests of the county at heart and despise this president.

  5. It has always been the POTUS could execise his authority to make changes in military leadership & direction.After all he is the Commander in Chief
    What I find amazing is when Trump did so ….Military personal who were appointed by previous Presidents complained that Trump was unqualified to do what Obama, Bush & Clinton had done !
    A lack of understanding on their part? ….. An orchestrated move by the Socialist swamp denizens to denigrate Trump ?…….Or just arrogance by those military personal promoted far beyond their competence level !
    Call me Lt Colonel Vindman?????????He either belongs on Micey Mouses staff at Disneyland or dressed in costume because he was attending a Peach festival party.
    Sad ! just plain Sad ! Really downright scary to know there must be hundreds just like him uniforms & all in positions with authority in our military.

  6. I’ve read that the USNAVY now has more Admirals than ships. If that’s true, you know that Nature abhors a vacuum and those slots will be filled, whether those “leaders” are actually qualified or not. You eventually reach a point where you’ve more incompetent officers than those who can to the job right, and, guess who’s doin’ all the promotin’?
    And in the case of the two who couldn’t stand each other, what happened to the CPOs on that ship? Or are officers now incapable of lettin’ NCOs run things? Our Navy must be approachin’ the point of no return when it comes to functioning if things are that bad.

    • Excellent point. They were probably at remedial SHARP training because of something they said on the previous watch spent with the Mean Girls.

  7. One cause of the Navy ship (The John McCain) that collided is the newfangled computerized navigation and control system that the Navy itself didn’t properly understand, and the officers of the ship not understanding its quirks or properly training with it, either. So, in the heat of the moment when they knew they were in trouble and headed for collision, a bunch of little mistakes prevented them from controlling the ship. There is an article on this at propublica, which is a liberal site, but even they do catch a worm once and a while.

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