Missed Opportunities

Abba Eban once said that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. It’s true. They could have had their state years ago. Arafat walked away from the best deal they will ever get, almost all of the West Bank and Gaza and East Jerusalem as their capital. A missed opportunity.

Now Trump has come out in favor of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. That’s potentially more land for Israel and less land for the Paleoswinian state.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry losers. You should have taken the deal.

The problem with the Paleoswinians is they don’t want a state as much as they want the destruction of Israel. They don’t want a two state solution, they want just one state. Someone needs to tell them that it ain’t gonna happen.

Looks like Trump is doing it.

Get your butts to the negotiating table or keep losing land.

And for all of the Dimocrats who keep saying walls don’t work, Israel’s wall sure put a stop to most of the Paleoswinian terrorism. Sure wish we had one like that on our southern border.

Trump also stopped a lot of aid going to the Paleoswinians, aid that was financing terrorism.

The sanctions on Iran are cutting back on money to the terrorists as well.

Are the Paleoswinians gonna miss another opportunity for peace and their own state? Of course they are.

Here’s my solution. Move ’em all to Gaza. Let that be their state.

4 comments on “Missed Opportunities

  1. The entire population of that sty is under 5 million, as I recall from stuff I’ve read. Very few of ’em are true “Palestianians”: most are Arabs from the south or from Egypt who migrated there when Israel began creating work and needed cheap labor. Even Arafat himself was Egyptian, not “palestinian.”

    I say find an isolated island somewhere in the Indian Ocean, like the Kerguelen group, and relocate ’em there. Let ’em contemplate their situation for a while, then about once a week air-drop a load of fried pork chops, grilled kielbasa, and baked ham, enough to sustain ’em for another week.

    Once in a while, just as a treat, give ’em a pallet or two of slab-sliced bacon and some marinated country ribs . . . and a few dozen or so kegs of Budweiser — and a hundred gallons of Old Grand-Dad, and maybe a case or two of this:


    You know . . . treat ’em nice.

  2. No one seems to remember there was a two state solution in 1948 – Israel for the Jews and Trans-Jordan for the Palestinians. Unfortunately, the UN decided to install a Hashemite king in Jordan rather than enact a democratic regime. Of course, they lost the Trans part when they invaded Israel in 1967 and it became what’s now called the West Bank. Why doesn’t it go back to Jordan? Of course the reason is there is too much money to be looted.

  3. Sadly, Denny, you’re probably right. If they don’t get to the table pretty quickly, Trump’s likely to make sure their side will lose even more. Guess they thought our leaders would keep givin’ in. Too bad for them that Cankles lost, huh?

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