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Ron rants.

Back in the early 30s when Mama’s Boy Herr Schickelgruber realized he couldn’t take over the country by force and couldn’t get enough votes to take control of the Reichstag legitimately, he decided to go the extortion and intimidation route.

Around 1932 or so, he and his henchmen Diels, Göring, and Müller formed a state police force which operated basically in secret through extortion, intimidation, and fake slander dossiers to eliminate anyone who opposed their political plans.

Technically the organization was named the Geheime Staatspolizei, which translates literally to “Secret State Police.” The title was soon shortened to an easily recited acronym, Gestapo, which became a trigger word in Germany within a few years.

Basically what was going on was that the failed painter who put 4 years into army service . . . DURING WARTIME . . . and got no higher in rank than corporal decided that Germany was going the wrong way and needed his particular brand of fixin.

Odd, at least to me, that the first guy in charge of the politically weaponized American secret state police would be named Mueller (which is how Müller has to be spelled in English, since we have no umlaut), the second in command was a heroin addict who was grossly obese and psychotic (kinda like Nadler), and they were both eventually replaced by a failed chicken farmer who resembled the ideal of the Master Race about as much as Schiff resembles Rambo.

Hitler was a loser who felt that the Weimar Republic had betrayed the Deutsche Volk and it was his destiny to bring it down and replace it with his vaunted Tausend Jahre Reich, which lasted less than 12 years.

But, he did – through political, personal, and character assassination — use his private army Brown Shirts and his Gestapo to eliminate all legal, political, and physical roadblocks to his ascension to Chancellor, then President, and finally Führer (Fuehrer if you can’t make der Umlaut).

Himmler . . . just as Nadler brings Goering to mind, Schiff brings Himmler to mind. A little weirdo whom you wouldn’t trust alone in your office for more than 2 seconds, the major difference being that Himmler was squinty-eyed and Schiff is bug-eyed. Still, the goal is to bring down a legitimate government and replace it with an Alptraum, just as did Hitler, Goering, and Himmler.

Und zo, instead of “Gestapo” they’ve set up a “Destapo” to accomplish their coup d’etat: a Deep State Pogrom designed to eliminate the vile conservatives (their version of Hitler’s hated communists) and the major obstacle to their acquiring peak power – their personal Hindenburg . . . Orange Man.

Mueller began as their Schutzstaffel, their dirty-cop dreckbagger, but unlike Himmler and Heydrich, he couldn’t create a lethal faux dossier as did 4Chan, which was later copied by the inept Brit MI6 twerp Steele.

Hitler was a thug, a sadist, a risk-taker, a closet bi-sexual, a pedophile, a one-trick pony, a disastrous military strategist, a drug addict, a racist, and a megalomaniac. Without the Wall Street crash in ’29, he would’ve continued simply annoying people until fading into complete irrelevance when people got tired of his haranguing drecch.

And that’s what’s going on with Schiff today . . . secret sessions, intimidation, threats, innuendo, rhetorical devices, showboating, and writing more subpoenas than legislation, which is what he was sent to D.C. for as a Congressworm, not as a 3rd millennium failed chicken farmer.

Problem is, it’s all tied to an aging remnant of Schickelgruber’s Gestapo, this Destapo of Schiff and Nadler – Soros. He was a quisling, a jew who squealed on other jews for his own advancement in power circles and monetary gain.

And now he’s to Democrat potus wannabes what Eckart and Hoffman were to the emerging NAZI madman. Hitler and his propaganda expert Goebbels liked to remind their staff that if the lie is big enough and you tell it often enough, eventually it will become truth to the sheeple.

That’s exactly what Soros and his Destapo are doing today through the mainstream media, repeating the lies of collusion, racism, and extortion by Trump to the point that they’re the first things that come up in people’s minds when elections are discussed.

Soros never forgot the efficiency and effectiveness of Goebbels’ and Himmler’s tactics, and he’s using them today by spreading the millions he stole from Europe to promote the downfall of a New World republic so that he can replace it with a Tausend Jahre Alptraum in memory of his beloved Adolf.

It’s not PotUS who needs to be excised for the health of the republic; it’s Soros.

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  1. Great analogy Ron. One of the things that have always pissed me off about
    the Democrats is their constant cry of Hitler or Fascist to label their enemies
    (Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Bush, and Trump.) The other is that they always try
    to avoid the fact that Hitler was a socialist and their linkage of Fascism to

    All socialist or communist political systems invariably degenerate into a
    totalitarian police state (AKA Fascism.) This is the ultimate goal of Marx.
    Hitler decided to go straight to the police state, bypassing the socialist
    phase. This leads to another one of my pet peeves. Liberals when referring
    to Republicans always say that “Hitler was also democratically elected.”
    Bullshit! Hitler lost to von Hindenberg, who named him as his vice

    Hitler did exactly what the Donks are doing today. Ubangi wanted to
    create a citizen army loyal to him. Obama had to settle for Antifa,
    SEIU, BLM, and teachers unions to serve as his Brownshirts. He
    undermined the German government from within. Once he was
    strong enough, he gave von Hindenberg a resignation letter and
    told him either his signature or his brains would on the document.

    Undermining a duly elected president 1932 looks a LOT like what we
    are seeing today in America!

  2. Do you remember that 1978 made-for-TV movie “Holocaust?” Schiff looks uncannily like that SS guy Erik Dorf played by Michael Moriarity.

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