‘Splain It To Me

We had some record lows here in Atlanta and we weren’t the only ones.


CHICAGO (WLS) — Chicago plunged into a record-breaking freeze Tuesday with single-digit temperatures and below-zero wind chills.

The official low for Tuesday at O’Hare Airport was 7 degrees, breaking the previous record low for November 12 of 8 degrees – the coldest temperature ever recorded so early in the season. A record low temperature was also set on Monday, with temperatures dipping to 13 degrees.


Two records for cold temperatures were set overnight while Cincinnati was sleeping.

Before midnight, the temperature dipped to 12 degrees, setting a new record low for Nov. 12. Then, after midnight temperatures hit 13 degrees, breaking the record low for Wednesday.

The temperature continues to fall Wednesday morning, dipping to 11 degrees at CVG, making it the coldest morning for mid-November since the 1950s. If the low hits 9 degrees, it will be the earliest we’ve dipped to single digits since 1880.

Rest of the country.

“Hundreds of cold temperature records have been set over the last few days, including some dating back over a century to 1911,” Hennen said. The freezing temperatures made it as far south as Houston, New Orleans and the Florida Panhandle, he said.

Much of the eastern half of the country will continue below normal temperature-wise through the weekend, but each day will be slightly warmer.

By Thursday morning, the Mid-Atlantic region to Maine could suffer record-low temps, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy said.

The NWS compared this Arctic outbreak to the 1911 “Blue Norther.” Within a day, record-breaking cold temps in the 20s were followed by record-warm temperatures near 80 degrees for much of the Plains to the East Coast.

While this week’s temperatures will rise across much of the country Thursday, they’ll still be 10 to 20 degrees below average, Guy said.

Somehow this record cold will be blamed on global warming climate change. Maybe someone could ‘splain it to me. Robin? Anyone.

I’m also waiting for the announcement that this was the warmest November evah and that so far 2019 has been the warmest year evah.

In other global warming climate change news, the Gretard has hitched a ride to Spain on another yacht.

Wasn’t she just in California? How did she get back to the East Coast. Here’s how.

Opposed to the horrific gas guzzlers that are transatlantic jet liners, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived in the US via a zero-emission sailboat.

Just weeks later, after completely decimating the hypocrisy of the UN climate community and burning holes in the back of President Trump with her eyes, Thunberg is off again.

This time she is sailing away on a hot air balloon powered only by her fiery breath.

Granted, this vessel is not zero-emissions like her sailboat. This Greta-breath balloon does create CO2, but not more than when the 16-year-old laid waste to the UN Panel on Climate Hyperbole earlier this week.


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  1. It’s still ridiculously cold for this time of year here in Chicagoland. The weatherman just said it hasn’t been above freezing for 82 hours. During the coldest snap I said to my better half “at least I can take comfort in knowing that this will be declared the warmest November ever” by the global warming cultists.

  2. “Somehow this record cold will be blamed on global warming climate change. Maybe someone could ‘splain it to me.”

    Well, I can . . . sorta, but it’d take several pages, and I’m not sure I buy all the figures and extrapolations and interpolations.

    Basically it boils down to changes in the Atlantic thermohaline circulation. Moderate increases in air temps over time result in warmer sea water. Not by much, but what seems to be happening is the flow coming up from the equator and the Gulf is shifting slightly and being influenced by currents coming from the polar region because of sustained injection of fresh water from melt and rain.

    Hard to follow the math and the graphs (which don’t always fully agree from source to source), but the warm water is plunging earlier and turning eastward sooner than normal, which means less warmth being delivered to northeastern Canada and northwestern Europe.

    What that means is that while Alaska and western Canada are warming, England and western Europe will see deeper and longer winters with less warming from the Gulfstream.

    Things are even more pronounced in the southern hemisphere, but I got lost in the heavy sledding of the articles and don’t much give a damn what happens down there anyway since I can’t do anything about it.

    Bottom line is that I see how changes in the Atlantic circulation can cause colder, longer winters from about Boston to Prince Edward Island and from Scotland down almost to Iberia. Not a whole lotta change in central and western Asia ‘cept for slightly longer summers with a few more warm days.

    There’s little doubt that sea levels are rising, but not in meters as predicted by Pope Algore, but millimeters.

    I don’t see weather-related catastrophes coming . . . just occasional broken temp records with earlier cold snaps on the East Coast while the northern West Coast gets warm earlier.

    Here’s a good place to start, if you wanna do some research (pretty boring stuff unless you’re into scientific articles written by eggheads for other eggheads):


    I followed some of the links to see if they had idiot-proof graphs and charts, but mostly what I found was a lotta supposition and speculation.

    Think there will be noticeable climate change, but most of what’s being written about it results from the “publish-or-perish” imperative of grad-student assistants trying to impress their professors and PhD candidates needing to get their names out there for recognition before they have to defend their theses.

    • “I followed some of the links to see if they had idiot-proof graphs and charts, but mostly what I found was a lotta supposition and speculation.”

      Ain’t that what passes for “scientific inquiry” and “research” these days?

    • Locally we have several self anointed climate experts
      ” college students ” who preach the Gospel of Al the Gorecal.
      These dumb asses were saying just how much higher the sea levels would rise if all the sea ice melted!!!!!!
      Apparently they were absent on the day the class discussed water increased by 22% in volume when it froze which means when ice melts the now liquid water would occupy 22% less area. Sooooooo if the sea ice all melted the water level would go down slightly. not up.
      Now if land based glaciers melted , then sea levels would rise somewhat . Anyway they still have no clue what the normal sea level is, the fact there is no normal level since it rises & falls based on cyclical global heating & cooling periods caused by the energy we receive from the sun.
      Common sense & acceptance of reality has no place in the gospel of Al the Gorecal

        • Well Denny …..Now I have to repeat the test my Chemistry instructor did so many years ago of filling a gallon crock with water & ice cubes until the water level reached a marked level then allowing the ice cubes to melt.
          In that experiment the water level did go down slightly after the cubes melted . Maybe we cannot trust our lying eyes after all.
          I sure would hate to go to the cemetery & post a message on his tombstone he taught us BS.
          I did just read an explanation that it is the density of water which changes when it freezes which allows for ice to float but the water level will remain the same when the ice melts & reverts to being water because the density will change back to what it was before freezing.

          • Update…….Denny I did the glass of water & ice cube tst…….You were right. I cannot explain why my Chemistry teacher got a different result years ago but anyway he is long gone.
            I do not like to post something wrong but I do appreciate being corrected when I do. Fortunately it is not often.thanks for pointing out my error.

          • I had this same argument with Dan S (remember him?) many years ago. Had him do the water and ice cube thing. It’s all about volume displacement. Archimedes understood it. Didja know that water is the only thing that floats in its solid form? It’s because it is the only compound less dense in its solid form.

  3. The city can’t pick up the leaves from the curb because they’re all covered with snow here in Green Bay.

    Right now, the shortest, greenest way for Greta to get back home would be by dogsled across the North Pole.

  4. Thunburg better wear a pair of life jackets, the entire time she’s on that boat. The left needs a climate-martyr. She’s a perfect fit for that Joan of Arc role (and about the same age).

  5. It’s amazing we are getting all these record cold temps when the thermometers are located in cities and airports which are now urban heat islands. The average temps in these places are usually 3-5 degrees warmer than the surrounding areas.

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