Sunday Metal 11-17-2019

Actually, it’s Sunday Blues with Roy Buchanan. I didn’t know that a Telecaster could sing.

It seems to me that I’ve got a Roy Buchanan album on vinyl. I may have to dig it out and see if my turntable still works.

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  1. I had never heard of him until he came to Pittsburgh for a concert back in 1972 or 1973 and one of the local rock stations played a snippet of “The Messiah Will Come Again”. Holy moly! Ran out and found an 8-track of his album that the song was on. That song still gives me chills. I have it on cd now and I have his second album on vinyl that I bought as soon as it was released in our area.
    I agree with Bob Topp. “Sweet Dreams” is a great tune…………..

  2. Yeah, now there’s the stuff! That piercing bite of the Telecaster is why Jimmy Page preferred to record with them, although he often used Les Pauls on stage with wah-wah for EQ.

  3. Denny:
    You may have forgotten but, a few years ago I E-Mailed you about Roy Buchanan. Back then I told you of not discovering him, through a guitar pickin’ friend, until 1988.

    I still have over a dozen, I believe, of his Cassettes and maybe even a few C-D’s. Not Counting the many that I have copied over myself, to C-D’s.

    I also have a treasure trove of old Blues Musician’s Cassettes and C-D’s. Including, but not limited to B.B. King, Lightning Hopkins & John Lee Hooker.

    My offer still stands; If wanted and after I can re-hook-up my recording/copying/transfer equipment, I’ll send ya’ some. As it is, even after moving almost a year ago, I still haven’t unpacked and set-up my A/V room yet. It just wasn’t a high priority.

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