AOTW 12-6-2019

Didja see Speaker Blinky the other day? She went off on a tirade when a reporter asked if she was moving on impeachment because she hates Trump. She claimed she was a Catholic and loved everyone, everyone, that is, except all of the unborn babies she supports killing. She’s really losing it.

But she doesn’t get the coveted AOTW Award this week. That goes to rat bastard commie law professor Pam Karlan. She was one of the “experts” the Dimocrats trotted out to justify the impeachment of the president. She tried to be funny and used the president’s son in her joke.

Liberals keep telling us children should be off limits, except, of course, when the they’re children of Republicans. Then they’re fair game.

Karlan is a bitter old hag. She’s also an asshole.


Epstein’s banker didn’t kill himself.