AOTW 12-13-2019

The assholiness abounded this week.

First up, we have Rancida “Impeach the motherfucker” Tlaib. After the shooting at the Jewish market she tweeted that it was white supremacists. Oooops! Turned out it was two Africans who did all of the killing. She deleted the tweet. Of course she didn’t apologize or admit her mistake.

Then we have Jerry the Hutt and his continuing show trial on impeachment. He can’t find a crime so he’s made up a couple. He claims he’s defending the Constitution. He’s a member of a party which has been trying to subvert the Constitution as long as I’ve been alive.

Speaker Blinky keeps babbling about her Catholic faith and defending the Constitution. On both defending the Constitution and her Catholic faith she’s a hypocrite.

Eric Holder gets the chutzpah award. He has the chutzpah to call William Barr a political AG who’s protecting Trump. JHFC! This from a guy who called himself Obungler’s wing man and did everything in his power to protect that asshole. He’s prolly the most corrupt AG of my lifetime.

But I’m giving the AOTW Award to Time Magazine for naming the Gretard Person of the Year. That’s right. Name a retarded little girl who is a victim of child abuse. She is being used by the left and will be discarded when her usefulness comes to an end. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. If Pumpman were still around he would say, “They should be dragged off and shot.”

I was ahead of the Babylon Bee on this story. On Wednesday I tweeted the following.

Shortly thereafter The Babylon Bee had the following headline.

Nation Surprised To Learn Time Magazine Still In Print

Hey Time! Here’s your award.