Ronsday – More Impeachment

Yep! The clown show in the House continues as the Dims are exp0ected to vote on impeaching the president for the crime of winning the 2016 election and if the Republicans don’t take back the House they’ll impeach him again for the crime of winning the 2020 election.

Ron continues to write about impeachment.

Have y’all noticed that when SanFranNan gets her hand on that gavel, the US House of Representatives morphs into the ‘Hood of Reprehensibles?

Reality is that if not for the constant exhortation (with exultation) by the leftist media, the whole idea of impeachment would have died long ago from neglect by Congress, not to mention poor malnutrition by its abusive parents, Waters, Schiff, Nadler, Green, and Cummings. But in our 3rd millennium MSM, dissent and commentary have united to form a deadly hybrid — dissentary.

Piglosi genuinely and fervently believes herself to be an equal-power member of an executive triumvirate: She, Schumer, and PotUS. The FBI, NSA, CIA, and appellate courts are there as backups for whatever laws she deems appropriate. I imagine she considers the military a vast and costly federal jobs program for “deplorables.” The SCotUS is just an unavoidable annoyance, kinda like that pesky Constitution.

Her major problem is, as with many Dems and some Gops, blind adherence to only those carefully chosen points IN that Constitution which dovetail with her agenda. Verifiable facts and other data from unbiased or opposition witnesses constitute an ‘existential’ threat to the Dems’ “investigative” committees.

Nadler and Schiff have disgraced Congress and embarrassed the Democrat party as well as the United States and its people. And Pelosi – she said she is “very proud” of the committees involved in the impeachment farce. They even delayed the vote to get maximum TV coverage so more of their base could see it.

The DNC, as an organization, is held together by the golden sash of entitlement, and liberalism is the buckle which keeps it from slipping down and causing Dems to trip over reality at the polls.

The national debt continues to grow at an alarming rate, and STILL the Dems want more funding for deadbeats and aliens and other entitlement junkies. That’s their insurance policy for future votes. They care about as much about the poor having better lives as I do about millionaire NFL and NBA players getting Social Security benefits 10 years from now.

SanFranShitShowNan is harassing and intimidating red-state House Dems to fall on their swords in the shampeachment vote. And TweedleDumb and TweedleDumber are completely ignoring the polls and setting up follow-on pillow peach mints for his term #2; they intend to say he “cheated” in winning, “just as he did before in ’16.”

Click to see the Acme Impeachment Generator in action.

D.C. has been suffering from an epidemic of Nadleritis, Comeyoma, and severe “mint” allergies. And given their way, the Dems will trigger a serious case of Bidenosis, and possibly Clintonesia.

Seems to me what that City by the Swamp needs is an emergency Schiffectomy, a Schumerotomy, and a Pelosiasis peel.

Ah, hell . . . I donno – maybe I’m just dense or somethin, ‘cause I STILL don’t get it. What the hell has Trump done that’s so friggin wrong and no other president ever did.

O.K. So he’s a smartass. So he’s thin skinned. So he combs his hair funny. So he uses words that not long ago wouldn’t even have been ALLOWED on air. Big deal. We needed a guy who knew how to take names and kick ass, how to make deals, how to stimulate business, how to reverse capital flight. Seems to me a milquetoast RINO in a penguin suit prob’ly wouldn’a met those criteria . . . CERtainly not a Killary.

Bottom line is revenge. Started in the wee hours of 9 November 2016 when it became clear to the terrified news media that their harridan had NOT won, and The Donald would be # 45. That’s what it’s all about. And Al Green said it more clearly than anyone – “if we DON’T impeach him, he’ll be RE-elected!” ‘Course Max Maxipad was out there screechin “Inpete’s fo’ty fah!” before anybody else.

My guess is that well over half the independent and moderate voters are tired of the time- and money-wasting clown show by Schiff & Co. They see a robust economy with wage improvements and historically low unemployment. I really don’t think anybody but snowflakes and parasites give a damn how “unpresidential” he is.

Cops don’t have to be pretty, just effective, and CEOs don’t have to be gentlemanly, just productive. You don’t fire a quarterback with a winning record just ‘cause he trash talks and shows off; you extend his contract and give him a bonus.

Well said Ron. I hope the “moderate” Dims who won in 2018 are sent packing, like the gun grabber who won in my district, Lucy McBath. How many of these “moderates” promised they wouldn’t vote for Blinky as Speaker and wouldn’t vote to impeach? They lied. That’s what Dimocrats do. Just like there is no such thing as a moderate Moslem, there is no such thing as a moderate Dimocrat. When will the American voter realize that fact? Voting for these people is a vote for Speaker Blinky, Shiff for brains, Jerry the Hutt, and Mad Maxipad.