AJC Has The Sadz

The Atlanta Urinal and Constipation is upset at how they are being depicted in the Richard Jewell film. They are especially incensed at the way Kathy Scruggs is portrayed. The movie depicts her as sleeping with an FBI agent to get info she used in her story defaming Richard Jewell.

Just recently, the managing editor of the AJC penned an op-ed defending their coverage of Jewell. He claims the paper did nothing wrong. Bullshit. They did a hatchet job on him. From one of the stories.

“Richard Jewell, 33, a former law enforcement officer, fits the profile of the lone bomber. This profile generally includes a frustrated white man who is a former police officer, member of the military or police ‘wanna-be’ who seeks to become a hero.”

Now the tables are turned. Clint Eastwood is doing a hatchet job on the AJC and it is richly deserved.

Jewell sued for defamation and all of the other media outlets settled with him but not the AJC. They waited him out until he died. Now the AJC is whining that they have been treated unfairly by Eastwood, especially Scruggs who has since died and is not able to defend herself. Too bad. She should have done due diligence before ruining the reputation of Jewell. The same goes for the AJC.

The AJC fucked up in 1996. Fake news then. Fake news now.

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  1. The entire left has their panties in a bunch over this movie because it
    made BJ Billy and his justice department look bad.

    As for the reporter sleeping with an FBI agent, the same thing happened
    during the McMartin witch hunt in Los Angeles. The radical feminist
    “therapist” was sleeping with an ABC Eyewitless news reporter. The
    woman who coaxed the children to say what she wanted them say had
    no academic credentials in the field whatsoever. Every time the public
    lost interest in the case, Keye McFarlane waved her glory hole in the
    face of reporter Wayne Satz and fed him more fake salacious details.

    The problem with fake news is that it has been going on for decades.

    • Worthless Willie and Janet Retard are the ones who made the injustice department look bad. That they continue to live down to that reputation is a black eye on America. Time to clean that swamp, fire them all, strip them of pensions, and in some cases, teach them the traditional Texas Rope dance.

      • I read about the radical communist past of BJ Bill and his even more radical spouse (Hillary Klingon) in the pages of the American Spectator in the 1992 campaign cycle. “Progressives” have been a cancer on America since the early 20th century, but BJ was the architect of what we now call the deep state.

        Before he left office, he handpicked the chairman of
        of the Democrat party and was most likely still
        pulling the strings through the Ubangi administration

        All the jug-eared halfrican did was to accelerate the
        damage that BJ inflicted on America!

  2. You goddamn right, Denny. It wasn’t just Atlanta’s rag – it was Tom Brokaw’s bullshit that caused this disgrace of the man that lived when it happened:

    Another enshrined in America just like fake news the Boomers lapped-up, Kronkite.

    All of a sudden the innocent man is hero is before a white criminal!

    The story doesn’t end on this. Never call for a disavow ‘cause it’s just too much sodomite, which involves Jesus, ya now, the one Jews deny.


  3. It is good to see the Urinal/constipation get hosed. They royally screwed Jewell over. I remember the salacious reporting and the constant attempts to smear the man.

  4. That reporter was a slore that would do a handfull of worms if someone would hold them for her. She was a hardcore alcoholic pillbilly that died of an overdose at 42. Screw her and the commie Cox family.

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