AOTW 12-20-2019

So many assholes, so little time.

Tulsi Gabbard. Fake centrist. Coward. ‘Nuff said.

Of course we have Speaker Blinky who was in a big hurry to pass impeachment but now is delaying sending the articles to the Senate. Blinky thinks she runs the gummint and can force the Senate to abide by her and Schmuck Schumer’s rules. Not likely.

James Clyburn said the House is holding off sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate because they don’t want a kangaroo court in the Senate. Yep! That option is reserved for the House.

But I’m gonna give it to Robert De Niro who went on The Spew and vomited forth a bunch of his Trump Derangement Syndrome bullshit. Among other things he said this, “I don’t want my kids to take this the wrong way, but if my kids did what his kids did, I wouldn’t want to be related to them. I would disown them.”

I wonder what he’s talking about? Trump’s kids don’t drink or do drugs. His sons all worked their way up through the business. I’d be proud to have kids like that. I wonder if any of De Niro’s kids have drug problems. Having De Niro as a farther I doubt if they are as well adjusted as Trump’s kids.

Fuck you Bob! You’re an asshole.


On the same show, Meghan McRINO said, “He’s deeply emasculated by my father’s legacy and he can’t take it.” What legacy is that fat girl? The Keating Five? Songbird? Losing to Obungler? Stabbing Sarah Palin in the back? Voting against repealing Obummercare? Being a fake conservative? Like that’s gonna emasculate Trump who’s a better Republican and a better conservative than your daddy ever was.

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  1. Yeah, it IS a tough choice this week, but I believe Bobby Niro gets it fair and square.

    ” “I don’t want my kids to take this the wrong way, but if my kids did what his kids did, I wouldn’t want to be related to them. I would disown them.”

    What if they did what Joe Bidens kids did??

  2. And Johnny McRhino’s legacy? That would be him sitting out in Arizona swollen up like a poisoned pup because Donald Trump was able to do something Hanoi John couldn’t… defeat Democratic Challenger.

  3. Awesome pick this week, Denny. And, the funniest thing about Robert De Zero is that his father divorced his mother when he was 2 because his father liked sucking dick and taking one up the poop chute more than pussy. Maybe that’s why De Zero has mulatto kids and an black ex-wife that looks like Lawrence Fishburne that wants half of all he has. I hope she gets it, and more!

    As for lardass Meghan?


    Johnny ‘reach across the aisle, USS Forrestal, Fusion GPS pee tapes’ McMaverick better hope that druggie Cindy and lardass Meghan hurried him in an asbestos suit.

  4. I used to think De Niro was a good actor and enjoyed his films. That time is over. De Zero is just one more big-mouth, no-brain, Hollywood libtard. And on top of that, he’s short. I’ve read he would like to punch Trump in the face. Bring a step ladder, Bobby.

  5. Yeah, I once thought De Niro was a great actor but sadly he like so many others before him came to believe his acting talent of pretending gave him great intellectual ability & vast intelligence.
    Not so as in the real world for pretending does not give superiority to those of limited ability , reality will always expose a phony .
    His grandeur may play well in the make believe world of Hollywood but in the real world he is just a conceited assh0le, a blow hard of little comprehension of what politically is important to real people.
    Anyway Bobby this isn`t a “Bronx Tale” …….If you ever drove a bus for a living you would know that.
    Actually Bobby you are like a piss ant floating down the Monongahela River on a leaf with a hard arm yelling ” Raise The Draw Bridge “

  6. He has six children with three different wives so he isn’t the paragon of virtue. He’s also worth $500 million and you know he’ll be the first to scream when the Dems come to tax his net worth to the tune of $100 million.

    • And, not one of those six children from three different wives has turned out to be a bum? Yah, reckon The Donald must be doing something right, huh. And, what’s up with the $500M figure? Dude, put down the crack pipe. $500M wouldn’t even keep his $100M 757 in operation for as long as he’s owned it.

      Get real.

      • AD – I think Paul was talking about De Niro who has six children by three different wives. His net worth is $300 million and I’ll bet he has an army of accountants to make sure he pays as little in taxes as possible. All of these rich liberals do.

        • Ain’t it funny how for some folks to use tax lawyers and various parts of the tax code is okay, but for others those are loopholes that need to be closed?

  7. Great pick and I would offer a second prize to McCain’s daughter who has never done anything to deserve any respect for her knowledge other than spout her daddy’s withering bullshit.

    You have to remember that Actors by job definition, PRETEND to be other people. They do not have to be as wise, or as knowledgeable as the people they portray.

    This is why Reagan was such an anomaly. Besides his being an actor, He was wise. He was well read and knowledgeable. Reagan proved this over years of his involvement in politics long before he became president.

    Most Actors are not as deep a thinker as they are ’emotional’ in that they need to be able to effectively emote a character they are portraying. Note the core asset of an actor is empathy and not intuitiveness.

    So, Bobbi Deniro can act any way he wants to but just by spouting words he does not prove he knows any more about anything than the anonymous man on the street and as a result should not be given any more credence than that.

    We would no more adopt the advice of some random schlub standing on the corner than we would from someone, an actor, who we know to be a chameleon who can portray any person on demand. One is an unknown agent the latter is a known imposter.

  8. So cute being lectured by little girls;
    voices, Greta, alexi “O” castro.
    surprised they haven’t teamed up for a porn phone,service

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