AOTW 1-3-2020

First AOTW Award of 2020 and it has to be shared among almost all of the Dimocrat Party and their stenographers in the Fake News Media.

First up the attempted takeover of the American Embassy in Baghdad. The Dimocrats and the Fake News Media wanted this to be Trump’s Benghazi. In other words, they wanted people to die to make Trump look bad. This is how evil these people are. They root for our enemies. Trump showed them up by demonstrating what Obungler and Crooked Cankles failed to do in Benghazi. No one died.

The Iranians hoped this would be a repeat of the takeover of the American Embassy in Tehran. Trump showed that he was no Jimmah Carter and when he said he would hold Iran responsible for the attempted takeover he took out the mastermind of the attempt, Iran’s chief terrorist, Qassam Soleimani. Of course, the Dimocrats went bat shit crazy. They took the side of Iran and not the side of the United States. Trump’s strength is he gets the Dimocrats to show just how much they hate this country. They are a bunch of treasonous assholes and it’s not just Idiot Omar and Rancida Tlaib, it’s all of them, from Speaker Blinky on down.