Norah Grills Bernie

Didja see this?

What’s this? A liberal Fake News babe asking a Dimocrat a hard question? What is the world coming to?

Of course Norah received word from on high to do this. The Dimocrats are worried about a Bernie candidacy so he must be stopped. Tom Perez, the head of the DNC, prolly called up CBS and told them to do this.

You notice she called him a socialist? Of course he had to correct her and say democratic socialist. That sounds so much better and progressives liberals socialists rat bastard commies have to lie to win elections.

We’re seeing a repeat of 2016 where the powers that be in the Dimocrat Party are gonna deny Bernie the nomination. Chief Sitting Bullshit is dropping in the polls so they’re going all in on Gropey Joe. You won’t see Norah asking him any hard questions like, “What state are we in?”

Don’t be surprised if we find out that CNN fed him questions in advance at the last debate.

Yeah, Bernie has to go and the Fake News Media will do all they can to help.

Norah was just doing what she was told to do even though she appears to be doing a good job and asking a tough question.

8 comments on “Norah Grills Bernie

  1. the demo-crappy cantidates;
    remind me of carnaval, boardwalk,barkers.
    “Step right up everyone is a winner. yeah right no one loses

  2. The difference between a “socialist” and a “democratic socialist” is the difference between a “killer” and a “serial killer.”

  3. The dimocrat aristocracy are all preparing for ole hil to come out of hibernation.
    Sanders people are livid when they hear that hil is now talking openly about her 2020 run.
    If Sanders stays in the lead, his “suicide” is a certainty.

  4. I think Biden is done. Buttpig is out. Bernie is too commie. Lieawatha is too full of shit. I think it is down to Stop and Friskberg and Klobu what ever her name is.

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