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Didn’t post any Ron last week. Sorry. Missed a lot of other stuff over the holidays, but did get the important stuff: boobage and puns. Anyhoo, here’s Ron’s take on what’s going on along with some cartoons and other visuals he sent.

I got this clear image in my head of Steve McQueen in Sand Pebbles tellin his CO, “Well, we gotta shoot SOMEthin . . . even if it’s wrong.”

Donno if that actually is IN the movie or if my imagination just put it there. Tried to find a clip, but gave up ‘cuz I ain’t real good at doin that stuff.

Anyways, the bottom line is that (1) our understanding of the Muslim mind, whether Sunni or Shi’a or “moderate,” is woefully oblivious. Uh . . . lemme put that another way — we ain’t got a friggin clue.

(2), for 40 years our diplomats and politicians and thinktanks and intellectuals and armchair generals have tried to reason with, cooperate with, negotiate with, and put up with the lunatheocracy in Tehran. And as Dirty Harry tells his captain about his mouthwash, it ain’t cuttin it.

Reagan came close with Daffyduck . . . got him to abandon his WMD programs and quit actin like Hannibal reincarnated. But then the State Department blew it and the area degenerated into a civil war and terrorism training facility.

Shrub the First gave his field commanders their mission and then got the hell out of their way while they totally eradicated Sodom Insane’s vaunted “Imperial Guard” and “Mother of all Battles” military. But he didn’t finish the job, so the rat got away and his kid had to go back to clean up the mess . . . and then Soetoro’s policies resulted in another civil war.

We’ve done nothing useful or correct over there in that region since Jefferson scuttled the Barbary pirates. After throwing BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS at Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait, and several other places, the only people who want us around are the Israelis, and that’s only for the economic aid and hi-tech equipment we give them, which really pisses off the Arab and Persian worlds.

Just seems to me that the “if we don’t fight them over there, we’ll soon be fighting them over here” concept ain’t workin out too well. Considering the hundreds of thousands of Somalis and Persians and Iraqis and who-knows-what brought over here by DingleBarry, we ARE fightin ‘em over here. I mean, does anybody really think Ilhan Omar is on OUR side? About as integrated as kielbasa in Mecca.

The warlords and ayatollahs and wannabes in the Middle East simply don’t do diplomacy, or negotiation, or compromise the way we do. They lie, they cheat, they bomb, they do whatever furthers their goal and then claim total impunity because their religion gives them the “right” to lie or murder or whatever if it can even REMOTELY be considered in support of Islam.

All they understand in terms of diplomacy and negotiation is strength, strength of character and strength on the battlefield. Anything else, they’ll simply say what they think we wanna hear and then do whatever the hell they want as soon as we leave the scene.

Qadaffi calmed down in the face of strength. Hussein went into a hidey-hole in the face of strength. Even Khomeini released the American hostages when the pipsqueak peanut farmer was replaced with a stubborn Irishman who rode horses and made war movies for a living.

Bubba did squat. Dubya got it wrong. DingleBarry apologized. Finally, FINALLY, we got a CinC who very Pattonesquely said, “By God that’s ENOUGH!” and called Khamenei’s bluff by vaporizing his Terrorist-in-Chief.

And now, simply because Trump did something decisive, every leftisto and RINO north of the Rio Grande has to jump on the Condemnomobile and say he’s starting WWIII. Really? Iran has the logistics and funding to take on the #1 millitary on the planet? They want a war with us about like they want a Chicago-style deep-dish pepperoni served by Jesus Himself.

Here’s a quote from Nikki Haley that sums it all up nicely for me:

“You don’t see anyone standing up for Iran. You’re not hearing any of the Gulf members, you’re not hearing China, you’re not hearing Russia. The only ones that are mourning the loss of Soleimani are our Democrat leadership and Democrat presidential candidates.”

Holy Shi’ite, Ratman . . . any day now I fully expect some federal judge to order Trump to “unkill” Soleimani . . . and Baghdadi, too.

That’s different because shut up.

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