Ronsday – Set Faces To Cringe

Ron rants.

Very kaleidoscopic dream this mornin around 0200. Won’t flesh it out and narrate it for y’all ‘cept to say it involved a baby with an alarmingly adult face, a woman at least 10’ tall who looked like Marie Osmond, an unfinished multi-story building which I had to climb to deliver a message to a crane operator, and an android in a hovercraft with some kind of hand-held weapon like was used on Star Trek.

So I tried to go back to sleep, but various snippets of Star Trek episodes kept flashin thru my mind, one of which was the ol’ “Set phasers to stun” tactical order from Kirk to his crew just before beaming down to some unidentified danger.

Woke up again around 0400 laughing about Juan “Guano” Williams (which is a Puerto Rican term for “premature brain donor”). Jeeebus, that guy is annoying. He’s a lock for the Lifetime Achievement Award in the “Best Apology For Obama” category.

Rain had stopped, so Monsterdawg & I went out to get our feet wet. That “set phasers on stun” was still rattlin around in the front porch of my mind, and it somehow got morphed into “set faces to cringe” by the time we got back.

Hard to think about some of the more influential Democrats withOUT cringeing. Like, other than Her Rotten Heinous’s, it’s hard to imagine a more cringeworthy voice than Liz Warren’s, or a more cringworthy face than Pelosi’s, or a more cringeworthy understanding of how things work than AOC’s.

Sanders likes to hang out with AOC ‘cuz by comparison, her ideas make his sound almost reasonable, and his being seen with her tends to drape a layer of legitimacy on her dipshittiness.

‘Course there’s always the Gaffemeister, who keeps finding new and exciting ways to stomp on his own tongue, or his genitals, by wording something in the most wrongest way possible. The guy sees himself as a statesman, a wise, experience statesman, with humility, gravitas, reason, and insight. Truth is, he’s a walking, talking malaprop whose cerebral cortex has transformed into a cauliflower.

And Buttjudge – he’s just cringeworthy by nature, as is Bernie, who’s naught but a communist grandfather with a free-everything-forever message for entitlement junkies.

Schumer is unable to say anything about Trump or his administration’s apparently successful policies without using hyperbolic rhetoric with superlative negatives. Just LOOKing at him makes ya wanna cringe. Hell, his name itself originally meant “tramp, vagabond, worthless piece of crap” in German.

Nadler is a shapeless and hapless sack of amorphous carbohydrates, befuddled, bewildered, baffled, and brainwashed. Biden and Sanders are do-it-yourselfers – they’ve made perfect fools of themselves. He and Schiff are running neck and neck in the Al Green Award for TDS Fixation championships.

I don’t wanna even get into the topics of the front-runners for the Most-Annoying-Female-On-The-Planet finals — Joy Behar, Joy Reid, Maxine Waters, Rashida Tlaib, Mamie Hirono . . . there are just SO MANY of ‘em – hard to choose, hard to choose.

The more I turn on my TV and see people like Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Omar . . . the more I understand serial killers and mass murderers. Considering the platforms, the promises, and the voices of most of the candidates, it appears the DNC has committed to a full Cringe Campaign.

Now, a lotta people don’t know this, but the “P” in the word “democrat” represents patriotism much like the “C” in “progressive” refers to common sense. Pelosi is neurologically necrotic – Nadler is politically putrid – and Schiff is legislatively loony.

It’s gonna take some fancy ‘splainin to make me understand how Trump can be accused of obstructing Congress when Congress wasn’t doing anything at the time but trying to conduct a coup d’etat to reverse the 2016 election.

The guy who should be impeached is Schiff for making up false conversations, repeatedly claiming to have indisputable evidence when he had none, lying about the “whistleblower,” and wasting the entire legislative branch’s time and resources on a quixotic crusade to get rid of the CEO who actually fixes things. He reminds me of a guy the shrinks talk about who has serious mommy issues.

Purty obvious to me, considering what Schmucky and SanFranShitHole Nan have accomplished in the past year or so, is that the main purpose of the minority leader in either house of Congress is to demonstrate for younger members how NOT to behave if they ever become majority OR minority leader.

“Public servants!” My ass. Newscasters like to announce Biden as having “served” as the 47th Veep. Hillary “served” as SecState. Pelosi “serves” as Speaker of the House. Horsefeathers! They didn’t serve anybody; they gorged themselves on government funds. How on earth can Hillary be so dirty and not smell bad enough to repel voters? And the only thing Nancy serves is herself, from the Grey Goose jug. Bernie has done absolutely NOTHING in his decades in public office . . . but he’s become a millionaire with 3 houses.

To be a politician is to be a hypocrite. Period. Every one of the main bunch tryin to unseat DJT has in the past argued AGAINST the very things they’re demanding for his impeachment trial. Gotta tell ya, we’d be a helluva lot better off if our “leaders” listened to the advice they like to give the rest of us.

5 comments on “Ronsday – Set Faces To Cringe

  1. Slightly off topic, but could we nominate Mike Bloomberg for Asshole of The Week? His annoying, offensive advertisements are driving me out for a shit.

  2. Y’all will change your tune when ole Hil wins the dimocrat nomination after a brokered convention. She’ll ride out to save the dimocrats on her gelded white horse.

    • Sure am glad I’d just put down my coffee before readin’ that. Just imagine how the rest of the candidates’ supporters would splinter off to form third, fourth and fifth parties. Hell, Trump would win so easily that it’d probably create such a big tantrum in San Franfreako that the whole of coastal Kommiefornia would break off on its own and sink.

  3. Ron hit it out of the park with this rant. I have often referred to the
    current slate of D卐M☭CRAT candidates as a cluster of dunces or
    the clown car candidates. I am now leaning towards the characters
    from the Star Wars bar scene. These raging elitist socialists (if
    not Stalinist communists) are so out of touch with the hoi polloi
    that they and we do not even speak the same language.

    A few campaign cycles ago, the D卐M☭CRATS got their asses kicked
    like a Narc at a biker rally in a midterm tsunami. Any sentient human
    being would have taken this drubbing as evidence they needed to
    moderate their message. But did they do that? NO, they doubled
    down by saying it was proof that they did not go far enough to the
    left, just like they did in every other electoral wave since 1994. The
    election of 2016 was nothing less than a voter rebellion caused by
    the excesses of the god-king Ubangi I.

    After one of these electoral tsunamis, some D卐M☭CRAT politician
    suggested that D卐M☭CRATS needed to learn the language of the
    peasants so that they could better communicate with them. Did they
    do that? NO. Not a single one of them wanted to visit flyover country
    because they did not want to talk to the smelly Walmart voters, bitter
    clingers, deplorables, and toothless rednecks.

    President Trump’s successes could fill a book but his greatest accomplishment
    was freaking out the left to the point they began to reveal their true agenda.
    What we need to do is steal a copy of the D卐M☭CRATS Newspeak dictionary,
    hire some Bletchley Park type code-breakers and having it translated into
    the language we irredeemables speak, plain English. I have a feeling that
    the title will read To Serve Man, which is a common theme with communists.

    These people really are like the Star Wars bar scene aliens. We do not
    speak the same language, they have nothing in common with us, they
    know nothing of our culture, and have no intention of find common ground
    with us any more than the Kanamits wanted to serve man in the classic
    Twilight Zone episode. The one saving grace is that President Trump
    will survive the shampeachment and he will wipe the floor with every
    one of the leading D卐M☭CRAT candidates.

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