Sunday Metal 1-19-2020

Another Rush song. One of my favorites. Geddy Lee always looks like he is having a great time on stage.

2 comments on “Sunday Metal 1-19-2020

  1. Great pick. If I remember right, he went from Gibson Les Pauls to ES 335s in the 1970s, then Fender Strats in the MTV ’80s, and then back to modded Les Pauls with whammy bars. I think his best recording sound came from the ES 335s, (Freewill, The Spirit of Radio, etc.) and his best stage sound was from his Strats.

    This particular song he’s using a modded Paul-style axe with the strings tuned up a whole step (played in A, sounds like B). Capo on the 2nd fret achieves the same result, of course. In live performance I think the Pauls sound thinner than the chorused Strats he used in their middle period.

  2. …yawn… Never a fan. Now, just so you know, I love tweaking Rush fans and I really don’t like them. I do understand why many, many folks do. It’s a free world…still and thank goodness for than.

    When Peart passed (sad), a friend said that the greatest drummer of all time died. I said that was right … that Ginger Baker was.

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