Iowa Caucus

Hey howza ’bout that Iowa Caucus last night? The Dimocrats don’t even hide that they’re rigging the vote. They’re just hoping the rubes in Iowa are too dumb to realize what’s going on. Any rube in Iowa who’s a Dimocrat is too dumb to realize what’s going on. Like this one.

A smart phone app? Really? You’re gonna use a smart phone app to transmit the results?


How did that work out?

Perfectly. It gave the DNC time to alter the results.

They can’t have Bernie winning so let’s just give some of the votes to Buttfudge. Bingo! As of the latest reporting, Buttfudge wins a squeaker.

You can’t have Gropey Joe wiped out but he didn’t do too well so lets give him some votes to at least let him finish in fourth place.

The big loser is Gropey Joe. Impeachment didn’t help him because it has pointed out just how corrupt he is. Of course that’s a resume enhancer for a Dimocrat, but he’s taken it to Clinton levels. And his son is a scumbag deluxe. The Dims are gonna have a hard time propping him up until South Carolina and his poll numbers are dropping in that state.

So what are the Dims to do about Buttfudge? Is he their hope to beat Bernie? Chief Sitting Bullshit is as bad as Bernie and the DNC knows it. At least she’s an actual Dimocrat.

And what of the Bernie Bros. The DNC is gonna do everything in its power to give Bernie the shaft just like they did in 2016. Iowa was the first step.

Wonder what they have planned in New Hampshire?