Ronsday – The Final Four

Ron opines.

Well, I said he was done, and NH purty much cinched it for “Say it ain’t Joe.” He run off like a whipped porch dog to go see if the magic-negro Kool-Aid drinkers in SweetCaroline still think he be cool.

For the past coupla months on the campaign trail all he’s done is trip over his own tongue and occasionally shank a drive into a hedgerow with his baseball racquet. He’s been throwing off a scent that attracts only carrion eaters since November.

And Lieawatha . . . couldn’t get even 10% of the count in a state right next door where she has high name recognition. She’s Shrillary.2 and never had anything goin for her ‘cept white women still pissed that HRC ain’t in the Oval Office ‘steada DJT. Well, those and a whole lotta entitlement freebie hunters, many of whom ain’t eligible to vote ennyhow.

So those two are gone, along with Yang and Bennett and Patrick, none of whom got ANYthing outta New Engelonde.

So that leaves a commie, a flamer, a who? and a flip-floppin little dude who’ll be standin on a pile of Franklins to appear to be at least as tall as the Butt Judge.

To me it’s all In Omnia Disgustiosus. The flamer has even FEWER boxtops than Soetoro had, and the guy who combs his hair with a zucchini is just bonkers if he thinks he can sucker 65 million people to vote for a commie, especially in THIS economy.

Azamatterafact, based on what we saw from Schiff and Nadler and then Nancy’s SOTU tantrum, it seems the Dems are intent on proving that four more years of Trump might not be so bad after all.

Klubuchar is strong on government-funded abortion, reduced sentencing for nonviolent crimes, legalized pot, elimination of fossil fuels, LBGTQ rights, the Iran nuke deal, the Paris climate accord, immigration . . . . She’s definitely against high-cap magazines and scary weapons as well as the Trump tax changes.

Based on those and a complete lack of national recognition with virtually no in-place campaign structure, I doubt she will survive the Bernie/Buttjudge rising tide and is thereby not viable against DJT. AKINE (Amy Klobuchar Is Not Electable).

Ack shully, I don’t really see ANY of ‘em makin it. Schumer came out yesterday with a statement that the Democrat organization will support the nominee even if he IS a socialist. Sounds like deliberate political self-cide to me.

In fact, I’ve been wonderin how much longer the Dems are gonna wait before arranging Bernie’s “accident” or his next heart attack. Oh . . . and Hillary recently said she might be open to the veep candidacy. Boy, that’d make being PotUS the most dangerous job on the planet – HRC as your next-in-line.

‘Course there’s also Mini-Mikey. I heard a commentator say recently that he’s suspicious that the Dem nomination is overtly for sale to the highest bidder. Well, folks, I’d say it ain’t even a matter of “IF.” The question is already resolved, and Mikey is now haggling with the DNC over the price.

Trump Flu. Worse than the Chinese Kung Flu everybody’s so flustered about these days. Only thing driving Steyer, Bloomberg, and all the ones who’ve already dropped out – a variant of TDS exaggerated by handling campaign contribution money from The Swamp.

Trump’s biggest obstacles in November will be (1) a weakening economy because of a flu pandemic disrupting the Chinese economy, (2) voter fraud/ballot-box stuffing by hardcore leftistos, and (3) his own big mouth.

And although he’s been unpeached and picked up popularity numbers as a result of Schiffilis, Nadleritis, Schumeroma, and Pelosiosis, he was apparently wrong on climate change – I mean, hadda be, ‘cuz look at all the snowflakes melting.

Maybe I’m just dense or somethin, but I don’t see

This happenin

or this

or this

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