“Moderate” Dimocrats Are Worried

I read a news story about how “moderate” Dimocrats are worried that a Bernie candidacy might cost them the House. Sorry Dims. That ship has sailed.

The story had one big error. There is no such thing as a moderate Dimocrat. That species is extinct. They are all left wing loons.

The Dims have already lost the House with impeachment. If there were any moderate Dimocrats, they would have voted against impeachment. It was a rush job with no foundation. Dimocrats can whine all they want about no witnesses in the Senate, but they failed to call any valid witnesses in the House. They could have gone to court to demand Trump administration witnesses testify but they chose not to. It was bungled from the start.

The “moderate” Dimocrats followed Blinky and the AOC wing right off the cliff.

You would think they would have studied a little history to see what happened to the last bunch of “moderate” Dimocrats who blindly followed in lockstep with Blinky off the cliff know as Obummercare. They kissed their political careers goodbye.

Once again the voters were lied to by “moderate” Dimocrats. Back in 2002, “moderate’ Dimocrats ran as fiscal conservatives. The voters believed them. The Dimocrats took the House and rammed Obummercatre down our throats.

Last year “moderate” Dimocrats ran as moderates and said they would go to DC to get things done. Many of them said they wouldn’t vote for Blinky for speaker. Once again, gullible voters believed them. Once again, they lied. Blinky became speaker. All of the “moderate” Dimocrats, with two exceptions, voted for the sham impeachment. They didn’t go to DC to get things done. They went to DC to get Trump and overturn the results of the 2016 election.

Now, they’re worried that Bernie will cause them to lose their seats? Nope. That won’t be the reason. It will be Blinky, Jerry the Hutt and Schiff for brains who will be responsible.

Many of the “moderates” could have saved their seats by being moderate but that is not in the DNA of a Dimocrat. I’m hoping there will be a bloodbath in November.

No “moderate” Dimocrats, it ain’t Bernie who is gonna cost you your seat. You did it to yourselves.