So didja see the rubes at Daytona yesterday? How dare they cheer Air Force One during its flyover at 800 feet. And what about making Trump the Grand Marshall? And then to top it off, having the motorcade take a lap on the speedway? And the rubes cheered. How dare they!

And that’s what our betters think of us rubes in flyover country. I’ll bet “Republican” strategist Rick Wilson (who’s never run a winning campaign) was off with his buddies making fun of all of the rubes at Daytona.

And let’s not leave out mini-Mike Bloomberg who just made fun of all of the farmers. He said it’s easy being a farmer. “You dig a hole, put in a seed, and cover up the hole.” And this dude wants to be president.

Can you imagine any of the Dimocrats running for president going to Daytona? Maybe Biden but he would think he was in California. The rest of the crowd thinks the people at Daytona are a bunch of rubes, yannow, people who marry their sisters or first cousins.

The disdain and contempt the Dimocrat candidates and their stenographers in the Fake News Media hold for people in middle America is on display for all to see. I saw all sorts of examples on Twatter by assholes who work for the New York Slimes (motto: All the Fake News that’s fit to print).

They really think making fun of the rubes is a winning strategy this year. All they are doing is creating more Trump voters and hopefully they will vote against Dimocrats in House and Senate races.

Rubes of the country unite!