AOTW 2-28-2020

Bolshevik Bernie stepped into it this week. He praised Fidel Castro for his literacy program. I guess he doesn’t want the Cuban vote in Florida. And just when Dimocrats were making inroads in that community. Bernie has never met an authoritarian socialist dictator he didn’t like. Dear Cuban Americans. Dimocrats are not your firends.

But he doesn’t get the award this week. That goes to Chief Sitting Bullshit. She just announced that she is introducing a bill in the Senate to strip funds from Trump’s “racist border wall” to fight the coronavirus. Yep! Her answer to the spread of the virus is to throw open our borders. And this stupid nag wants top be president? We need to keep infected people out of our country and she is inviting them to pour over our southern border. What a stupid twit! She’s also an asshole.