Sunday Metal 2-2-2020

In my opinion this is one of the best songs Led Zep ever did. A great fusion of rock and blues. Fantastic blues bass playing by John Paul Jones. He never got his props for his playing. It was all Jimmy, Bonzo, and Plante. JPJ was always an after thought.

4 comments on “Sunday Metal 2-2-2020

  1. JPJ did some great keyboard work, too. I’ve heard several live recordings and bootlegs from the early ’70s where Page, Plant and Bonham were totally wasted and Jones was the only one holding it all together.

  2. I agree with you about giving credit to JPJ, he deserves it. For me the best Led Zeppelin tune will always be “Over the Hills and Far Away” one of my all time favorite songs and the reason I went out and bought all 4-5? Led Zeppelin Albums in the 70’s. Trying to find that song which I finally did, no thanks to those radio DJ’s that would not give out the title while playing it on FM radio!

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