We take a break from Wuhan Flu all of the time to take a look at the new season of Westworld. I wasn’t expecting to see it this year as my cable package doesn’t have HBO, but it must have been free preview weekend so I caught the first episode. Boy were there some big plot holes.

At the end of season two Delores had wasted Charlotte Hale, the evil black chick Delos executive, and had created an android of her and apparently put her brain in it. This was a shame because now Delores was gonna be an evil black chick instead of an evil hot blonde chick.

Looks like I was wrong because in episode one Delores is back with shorter hair but just as deadly. So if Delores is Delores, who is Charlotte Hale? They can’t both be Delores can they?

How did Delores and Bernard escape from Westworld?

Delores created an android copy of Liam’s bodyguard. Whose brain is in that dude? Remember, Delores/Charlotte Hale left Westworld with a bunch of brains.

Does Delores have a secret lair? She must have if she was able to create an android of Liam’s bodyguard. How did she smuggle an android maker off of Westworld?

I guess since Charlotte Hale is now running Delos she could have made it happen. It would be nice if the writers cleared up these points.

What about William? We found out after the credits at the end of the last episode of Season 2 that he’s actually an android using Delos technology to try to attain immortality. Is he coming back? What about his daughter? She’s currently starring in Evil on CBS. Will she reappear in Westworld?

So many questions.

I guess I’ll have to read the summaries of the episodes to see if they answer them.

Westworld just begs for the kind of posts I used to do for 24.