AOTW 3-20-2020

It’s really hard to single out an AOTW from all of the “journalists” in the Fake News Media but I’m gonna give it to this twit.

CBS News White House reporter Weijia Jiang started a rumor Tuesday morning accusing an unnamed White House official of calling the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China the “kung flu”. Senior White House advisor Kellyanne Conway was badgered by reporters about the rumor Wednesday morning. President Trump was also asked by another reporter about the accusation at Wednesday’s coronavirus task force press briefing. Jiang refuses to name the alleged official.

Of course she does because she made it up. If she was telling the truth she would gladly name the official. Trump has really shown us just how much the Fake News Media lies to us.


16 comments on “AOTW 3-20-2020

  1. The term Kung flu is all over the place.
    I prefer Wuhan flu as it pisses off the ChiComs; and triggers the snowflakes in the MSM.

  2. Nothing compared to the Moo Goo Gia Panic sweeping the nation. Shelter in place, starve to death if necessary, but don’t you dare come within six feet of anyone else. As for Jiang, fruck her.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong but is not every version of the flu something which originated in China or is a mutation of an existing flu virus ?
    By the way Spanish Flu did not originate in Spain……..You could even call a version “South Pole Flu ” that does not mean it originated there.

  4. So now this twit has the whole country calling it the Kung Flu and she is the one that made it up. Truly an asshole. Anyway, who besides some total snowflake fruitcake gives a rats ass. I don’t expect any Chinese people give a shit. Just the media pukes trying to tell the college dipshits they need to be offended yet again. Lets just call it the ChiCom Cold.

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