Dropping Like Flies

Three more Dimocrats just dropped out of the race. Goodbye (or good riddance) to Buttfudge, Debbie Downer, and Tom Steyer. None of them had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination. Now no one has to worry about how to pronounce Buttfudge’s name. Also, the Weekend Update guy on SNL no longer gets to play him in the mock debates.

Now, it’s just the Three B’s: Bernie (Larry David), Biden (Jason Sudakis), and Bloomberg (Fred Armison).

What about Chief Sitting Bullshit? Put a fork in her. She’s done. No one wants a nagging mother-in-law as president. Her voice is even more annoying than Crooked Cankles’ voice. She’s prolly gonna hang on in the hope of getting the VP slot. The Three B’s are all in their late 70’s and Bernie has already had a heart attack so he could go any minute.

No way she will get the nod. With Trump’s high approval rating with blacks they will need an African on the ticket. Maybe Abrams Tank will waddle onto the ticket. After all, she did win the race for governor here in Georgia, at least in her mind.

Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang are still in the race but I don’t know why.

Isn’t it funny that the ‘party of the little guy” has one billionaire and three millionaires leading the pack? Also, the party of antisemitism has two Jews running. Amazing!

Bernie has a big chance of scoring real big on Super Tuesday. So it’s now Stop the Bern show.

Biden keeps getting more demented and it’s hard for the Fake News Media to cover up just how senile he is. He needs to be thankful that he’s not a Republican. The Fake News Media roasted Dan Quayle for misspelling potato. Biden doesn’t even know what state he is in half the time and recently said he was running for US Senator and if you didn’t like him, vote for the other Biden. And today he called Super Tuesday Super Thursday. The dude has lost it.😊

The Dims are hoping against hope that they can keep Bernie from scoring enough delegates to win the nomination outright. They’ve got to be pissed that a guy who isn’t even a Dimocrat is winning. You know they’re trying to figger out how to screw him like they did in 2016.

Whom are they gonna run if there is a brokered convention? Biden would be a disaster. He’s going downhill fast. He’s reached his sell by date. He should have run in 2016 but was shoved aside for Felonia von Pantsuit.

Will Bloomberg be able to buy enough Dimocrats? Will Crooked Cankles ride in on a white horse to save the day?

Things are getting interesting.

Oh! And the Dow went up almost 1300 points today.

8 comments on “Dropping Like Flies

    • Chrissy resigned, caught out by his own big mouth toward women…and daring to criticize Comrade Bernie. After all those years of being treated as special…he wasn’t. And couldn’t handle it.


      Let’s hope this demoralization continues. Next? Maybe Trump can hold a lottery. Throw the winner into a pit with a bunch of Bernie supporters.

  1. I think we all had a pretty good idea that the field would be thinnin’ out, I’d just hoped it’d be spread out over a little more time. Kinda like the idea of watchin’ ’em drop off, one every couple of weeks or so.
    As for that up-tick in the market, I’m thinkin’ it looks like more than a dead cat bounce, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. “Whom are they gonna run if there is a brokered convention?”

    Hillary with Moochelle as VP?

    …I know. Bad q. Bad.

  3. Rumors down here on the coast are that Governor Abrams has already been in talks with Biden about the VP slot.
    And in case others don’t know, the governor is a noted author of steamy romance novels under the name Selena Montgomery.

    • Since she is black, a women, and unmarried, she can self identify as a lesbian or non binary and be a threefer. Just what the Rats want.

  4. Some speculation out that Biden says he will ask Moochelle O to be his VP. The pander brain cell is the last to die.

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