They Hate Us! They Really Hate Us!

There is no hate like leftist hate. For example.

DENVER (KDVR) – Denver Councilwoman Candi Cdebaca is getting blowback over a controversial tweet sent on Friday.

Cdebaca reposted a tweet that said, “For the record, if I do get the coronavirus I’m attending every MAGA rally I can.”

Cdebaca responded by tweeting, “#Solidarity Yaaaas!!”

Yep! She wants Trump supporters to get the coronavirus. This is the tolerant, inclusive, compassionate left.

And remember, it’s the Bernie Bros who want to round up conservatives and put them in gulags and reeducation camps.

And another call to assassinate the president on Saturday Night Live.

Do you remember conservatives calling for the assassination of Obungler? Nope. But when there is a Republican president there are all sorts of assassination fantasies on the left. They did it with Bush 43 and they are doing it with Trump. Sick.

The rat bastard commies hate us. They really hate us. I never thought I would see an America like this.

Vote as if your life depended upon it because it does.

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  1. That guy who shot Steve Scalise in SanFran was a Bernie boy. The media lied for years about the Gabbie Giffords shooter, a certifiable lunatic (you get a sense of his politics from his video post of himself burning an American flag), being somehow inspired by Sarah Palin. But when a real political assassin comes around and it doesn’t fit the narrative, it’s immediately forgotten.

  2. Ya know, if any right winger did try a political assassination in America, his or her name would be just as infamous as Lee Harvey Oswald the communist. I’m damned if I can recall such a right-winger. That hit-man stuff’s for Democrats.

    Correct my bad memory, puhleeze. Since 1900, how many U.S. political assassinations or attempted assassinations were committed by any member of (1) Republicans, (2) Libertarians, or (3) any other right-leaning political group?

    Next: also since 1900, how many U.S. civil insurrections were mounted by (1), (2) or (3)?

    Now then: how many were instigated by the left, the perpetually offended?

    History (Leon Trotsky for just one example) teaches us that the left always eats its own (or puts an ice axe into your skull).

    If a real political assassination ever does come, I am willing to accept odds that that same killer will not go after right-wingers (at least immediately) but instead go after other leftists, for impure thoughts”—it’s a cultural revolution which dines on its own until nothing is left.

  3. Well Bernie got burned yesterday, more then a singe ….Looks like the Swamp DNC does not want Bernie to win. It is really telling when Biden can stage a reversal of Democratic choice so quickly.
    I did not watch too much of the BS fest last night but Biden did make one minor error when he mixed up his wife & a campaign worker .
    Anyway I think Biden will be a whole lot easier to defeat then Bernie.
    A moment of silence for Pochahontas…..OK two seconds thats enough, BWAHAHAHAHA……. she could not even win here home state & finished third.
    Mini Mike Gloomberg got trampled ….who ever said dead horses could be a future winner .

  4. That’s a hate crime right there. Many of us have lost our jobs and reputations for less.

    I remember reports of suicidal/homicidal gays who intentionally spread AIDS in the ’90s.

  5. Spot on, Denny! And, this is why assholes like half-impeachment vote Mitt Romney, and the rest of the #NeverTrump Right are as equally despicable as The Left. They both hate us and, our President.

    Good Lord willing, I will still be on the green side to vote again for Donald J. Trump, this November!

    Recently said that to a Democrat friend of mine that’s roughly my age and not a typical shitlib that gets all butthurt about everything Trump does. He chuckled because he knows him and his family is doing better under Trump than they did under Bathhouse Barry and two terms of globohomo Bush. Really wouldn’t surprise me he votes for Trump this time.

  6. Your vote is important.

    Even more important is having weapons and munitions.

    Ultimately important is being willing to die while using them.

    I’m getting he distinct sense that the tree of liberty needs some fertilizer. I hope I have the courage to volunteer.

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