Let My People Go

It’s time to end this ridiculous lockdown. We have crippled our economy. Most of the Kung Flu cases have occurred in big cities like New York, Chicongo, and Detoilet.

There was no reason to lock down upstate New York when most of the cases were in New York City. They should have built a wall around it like in Escape From New York. Let the idiots in New York City suffer with the idiot they elected for mayor twice. Had they built that wall, New Jersey and Connecticut might have been spared.

The same holds true for Illinois. Why shut down downstate Illinois when the Kung Flu is in Chicongo?

The same hods true for Michigan. Why are small towns shut down when the problem is Detoilet (and the governor in Lansing)?

Texas is a huge state with lots of small towns. It should have reopened weeks ago.

How many lives have we saved by crippling our economy? How many lives have we ruined?

Yannow, if you eliminate New York, we have done pretty well. New York skews everything out of proportion.

I read somewhere that this is a dress rehearsal for the future tyranny and when you look at the states with Dimocrat governors I can believe it. Half Whitmer in Michigan is showing just what a tyrant she can be. And she wants to be Biden’s VP. Think of that. If Biden gets elected she is next in line. Slow Gropey Joe will not make it for four years so little Hitler Karen Half Whitmer would be president.

The American people have shown that they will put up with a bunch of tyrannical bullshit if you scare them enough. Don’t think that the Dimocrats and the Deep State haven’t taken notice of this. It shows just how devolved we have become as a country that we are willing to put up with this bullshit.

It’s time to open the country back up. The red states are starting to do so. Fuck the blue states! Let them suffer.

Ronsday – Weekly Rant

Ron rants.

Tried to go for a bike ride this mornin. Mother Nature broke all the gummint’s rules ‘bout facemasks and social distancing . . . and spit on my head. Not ‘zackly what I had in mind for 0-dawn-thirty.

Came back in here to check on things . . . see if anybody with any sense of reality has anything useful to say.

First thing I found was reports of a coupla studies, one from Britain and another from Stanford, which indicate that the mortality rate for this partic’lar virus is about the same as SARS, and just slightly higher than the ordinary seasonal flu. Why is that? Well, ‘cause we just ain’t very good at determinin who has or has had it.

More’n’more reasonable people in power positions are leaning toward ending the hysteria and going back to normal activity with great caution in health-care and elderly-care centers.

One guy, can’t remember his name or affiliation off-hand, declared that this has been deliberately morphed into an insidious plan to wreck the economy so that people will vote Trump out of office this fall since all impeachment attempts have failed and he’s “the worst president ever.”

While he admits the virus is real, and dangerous, he argues that so is reg’lar flu, and so is obesity, and so is fast food, and so is booze. But he’s convinced that the MSM is absolutely giddy about attacking Trump, no matter WHICH way he goes with medications, supplies, borders, whatever, in an all-out assault on his administration.

He cites the example from the Babylon Bee of the guy who was in extremis and about to shuffle off his mortal coil when they gave him hydroxychloroquine and saved his life, and now he hopes he still dies just to prove Trump wrong.

Now, I’m not sayin that the pandemic is in fact a plannedemic, but there are covidiots and medical morons out there who would sacrifice the nation’s economy for years just to get back at DJT for interrupting HRC’s apotheosis.

JHC. Shrillary? Makes me wonder why people want laws criminalizing certain words, such as bitch. Geeez, take that category of descriptors away from the free speech lexicon and we wouldn’t be able to discuss her, or malig-Nancy, at all.

Bigger question is who they gonna vote for? Biden? YGBSM. Poor bastard donated his brain to medical research a coupla years ago. Nothin in that ancient skull now but a decaying anemic cauliflower.

And who’s gonna be his Veep? Aunt Jemima Abrams? Horizontal Harris? Lieawatha? Mooch? No matter whom he names, if the economy doesn’t start pickin up again soon, he COULD win, and he’ll never make it through his first term, so she’ll take the reins . . . just a matter of time (prob’ly a few months). Stroke, infarction, Incapacitation Amendment (25th).

Well, I didn’t see anything in the blogs to indicate that he injured himself in his morning bowel movement, so perhaps that part of his plumbing is still workin. The stuff on the higher floors definately ain’t.

Everybody else is gone now . . . Bernie with a bad case of electile dysfunction, Hillary with a bad case of bad attitude, Beto with a bad case of bad judgment, Lyin Liz with a bad case of hoof’n’mouth disease . . . .

Time’s gettin short, and unless Quid-Pro Joe wanders off permanently into the Twilight Zone in the next few weeks, he’s it. Only serious possibility other than him is an open convention because states didn’t do their primaries and he couldn’t get the clinching number of delegates.

Meanwhile, Andy Cuomo is definitely suckin around for national name recognition just in case Joe comes down with sudden-onset Arkancidosis, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Gotta tell ya, I’ll be glad when this covidemic gleep psychosis is over so people can switch back from being epidemiologist experts and contagion gurus and become climatologist authorities and constitutional scholars again.

And by the way . . . . . .

Mad As Hell

This is one of those emails that ask you to send to to pass it on so I’m doing my part by posting it. From my friend Pres.

I’ve seen that on quite a few posts and on many news stations.

It’s a thinly veiled accusation that Trump didn’t act quickly enough.
Well I’m mad too.

I’m mad that Pelosi and the U.S. House wasted close to 3 months pursuing an obviously futile impeachment of the President.

I’m mad that Pelosi sat on those very impeachment papers for 28 days before sending them on to the Senate.

I’m mad that the Senate was shut down for 21 days in January and early February dealing with Pelosi’s impeachment, thereby leaving Trump to deal with Covid alone, with no support from either the House or Senate.
I’m mad that the day the President closed travel to and from China, Chuck Schumer declared the action “racist”.

I’m mad that 28 days after the travel restriction, Nancy Pelosi, downplaying the severity of the virus, begged people to visit Chinatown in San Francisco, again playing the race card.

I’m mad that Pelosi swooped in at the last hour of the stimulus package, adding things that were pure politics and had nothing to do with the dire circumstances at hand.

I’m mad that the Obama administration didn’t replenish the National Medical stockpile of masks after the H1N1 virus scare.

I’m mad that there are top doctors and experts in many fields having to waste their time at daily press briefings just so the “media” can pester them with gotcha questions that they think might be their ticket to a Pulitzer.

I’m mad that Pelosi is now talking about an investigation into Trump’s handling of the Covid crisis. Every day, every turn, every word, every breath since before he was elected, President Trump has been attacked, mocked, accused and belittled by Pelosi and her gang.

(And don’t even get me started on the media.)

So there it is…… I’m mad as hell that our country is going through this and petty bickering from the left won’t even stop for people who are dying while our economy is imploding.

Hey Nancy, why don’t you man up and stand side by side with the President to work through this mess?

American citizens need to see “all” of Washington working together and your mob are infuriatingly absent.

I’m mad about that too . If you are also ticked off, pass this message on.

If each of us pass this message on to 3, 4 or 5 people … we’ll get the job done before Mother’s Day!

Oh yeah, and just remember that if Trump and Pence were to die from the virus, she would be your President.

Let that sink in…!!

Silver Linings

Let’s look on the bright side of the Kung Flu pandemic. It’s pushed global warmening and the Gretard out of the news.

Poor Gretard. In trying to stay relevant she announced that she had the Kung Flu but had recovered. No one cared. Maybe when the warm weather wipes out the Kung Flu people will start paying attention to her again. As for global warmening, bring it on. Hot weather kills coronaviruses.

Where’s Black Lives Matter? Oh wait. We do hear that the Kung Flu is racist. It is disproportionately going after Africans. Not mentioned is that Africans are more likely to be obese, have hypertension, and diabetes which makes them more susceptible to dying of the Kung Flu. Also, they are less likely to obey stay at home and social distancing orders and more likely to attend large parties.

If you had any doubt cases of coronavirus are about to explode because of reckless conduct, check out this video and all doubts will be swiftly erased.

1,000 people ignored the stern warnings of doctors and scientists in a city that has been ravaged by the virus … and jammed into a house on the westside of Chi-Town.

You see what looks like around 100 people in just one room, dancing as music blares in the background. The rest of the house was also packed with people. It goes without saying but there is no visible social distancing … none.

One of the partygoers told MTO News, “I’m not worried about [the coronavirus] . . . but if I didn’t have it before, I probably got it now. Oh well.”

But white people are racist because Africans are dying of the Kung Flu.

Where’s Antifa? Yannow, now that we’re seeing the real fascists in action like Karen Half Whitmer, Antifa is nowhere to be found. Instead, the people protesting are normal Americans who are against the drastic measures taken by dictatorial governors like Whitmer. It’s almost as if Antifa is actually pro-fascist.

It’s nice to see that Georgia has opened up essential businesses like barbershops, nail salons, and tattoo parlors. I don’t need to get my nails done or get a tattoo, but I sure need a haircut.

AOTW 4-24-2020

One of the things this pandemic has shown us is just how dictatorial some of our elected officials, mostly Dimocrats, can be. Governor half Whitmer of Michigan is a prime example of that. Another example is this week’s AOTW, Judge Lina Hidalgo of Harris County Texas. She has ruled that everyone over 10 years old has to wear a mask or be fined $1000.

“This is not a police state,” she said. “But we needed to make clear it’s not a recommendation, it’s something we have to do for sake of our safety, our lives and our economy.”

It may not be a police state but it sure sounds like it in Harris County Texas.


Sprawl Is Good

Once upon a time here in Georgia, when congestion on I-285, the bypass circling Atlanta got bad, there were plans for a new bypass about 20 miles further out. The liberals in Georgia put a stop to that because it would cause sprawl.

See when I-285 was first constructed a lot of the area around it was country. But, eventually businesses sprouted up along its path along with housing. The metro area expanded out and past I-285. This was sprawl.

The liberals said the same thing would happen if a new bypass was constructed. They even put the kibosh on an abbreviated version, the Northern Arc, which would only connect I-75 to I-85, and would take a shitload of trucks off I-285.

To liberals sprawl is bad. Everyone needs to live in the heart of big cities in little overpriced apartments and take mass transit. Cars are evil. No one should live in the suburbs.

The model for this is New York City.

So how’s that working out with the Kung Flu? New York City has been hit harder than anywhere else in the country. Of course they’re also blessed with a booger eatin’ moh-ron for a mayor, but it was the booger eatin’ moh-rons in New York who elected and then reelected him so they deserve what they are getting good and hard.

Meanwhile, places that have sprawl, where people live in big houses in nice suburbs are doing far better. They can work from home without being cooped up in a high rise with a bunch of other people and riding a subway that is an incubator of disease. Cars are looking better and better. Too bad there is no place to park in these crowded congested cities.

I’m lucky that I got to work in the sprawl around I-285 and live in the suburbs. The traffic sucked but the parking was free. In the 35 years I’ve lived here I’ve hardly ever been in downtown Atlanta. As for wanting to live in the city itself, no way. If I didn’t want to live close to a major hospital, I would be out in the country like many of my former coworkers at IBM.

Crowded cities suck! Plus they’re run by Dimocrats.

Sprawl is good!